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Marvell  I love anime so much. I post any types of anime memes. I am kpop lover!

That’s really cool 😎

It seems like everyone in the world enjoy Pokémon: detective Pikachu

“No homo tho” lol I’m ded🤣🤣
Anime: How not to summon a demon lord

It’s cute!

Ok ok... i see o(≧v≦)o also that guy is reading about butts 🤣🤣

Ok first of all, That is just mess up! you shouldn’t dumb water over to him and that is just wrong! Second of all when classmates offer a sit with you and he keep it cool🤣🤣

This editing is dope!!😁

Boys are just jerks hahaha

Who’s ready for fruit basket???? This is Newest one!!

This is epic evolution I ever seen

Moto moto park 2.....but why Elmo in it?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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