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•Marching•Band•  👋Ahoy Fellow Bandies .👋 🎵Alas those who die with music .🎵 😁 Band 4 Life 😁 💥Only Admin is Me : @_fvksociety_ 💥

Tag your best friend. 😁

I'm dying. 😵😂

I really should have tuned before I played this but..... Anyway 💁😂 Just a small part of my Favorite song Love Me Harder By Ariana Grande Ft. The Weeknd. It's whatever. 👀😔✌

I'm doing this from now on. Who else? 😹😹

💥 Bruh this is so Accurate. 💥

It literally was pouring down raining and our band director told us to put up our instruments and still march on the field. 😩 it was fun though. 😂 -FB ⭐🎶

Beware! 🔫💣💉 😂 -FB 🎶

Why is this so true? 😂😂 -FB 🎶

I just died laughing. 😂😂😂😂 -FlutaliciousBabe ⭐🎶

😂😂 FlutaliciousBabe

True Lol. 😂


Seriously Tho. 😂 -FlutaliciousBabe 🎶

Sorry Ive Been nonexistent but between band and school starting its just been ugh. -FlutaliciousBabe 🎶

*sort* haha. Band camp starts tomorrow for me! Excited :) 🎶T-Stain🎶

Hahaha!!! 😂😂 Us trombones make up our own dynamics! 😏 We are always overlords of the band! 🎶T-Stain🎶

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile, but yes this is true and it's kind of funny cuz I'm the band geek, and my brother is the star football player and he wonders why I'm in better shape than him 😂-Fluteloops

This....this is great 😍 stay saxy children! 🎶T-Stain🎶

This is great :P #drumlinedut 🎶T-Stain🎶

Life Struggles. 😓 -FlutaliciousBabe🎶

Silly, silly musically deprived children..... #sadlife 🎶T-Stain🎶

This Is PERFECT. -FlutaliciousBabe🎶 @kylee_paiges @kyliee_raccaa

Aw snap! Drop the bass! #bassgod 🎶T-Stain🎶

Kmsl I cant Even ! 😂 -FlutalicousBabe🎶

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