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Radebe.  My soul tripped & fell in gold 🌸💫👑✊🏾✨| God is within her; she shall not be moved - Psalm 46:5

I'm glad you've healed from that🌸😊

I really am not a fan of combing my hair👑

A touch of soul

Dear Black Woman💫

Your skin is a beautiful place to live in, your hair is grass from the heavens & your shape is a beautiful sculpture.
You are not magic, it is merely an illusion.
You are more than a miracle,
You're an unexpected blessing.🐝 ph. @cyrilzuma
face. @the_marchwolf

Quite refreshing.

Hey beautiful,

I'm really glad I met you. I mean, Pringle, you've brought so much joy to my life. I know know we fight like sisters & all but I guess it's cause we annoy each other - I think that's the way it should be when you love someone. They annoy you but that's your person - you're not leaving them.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I love you. You're amazing & such a thoughtful gift from God. I'm here for you & that glo up. I can't wait to see you do good. 🌸✨💫❤

I'm a fan.


Silly humans with happy hearts.

Each day is new, I just need God to order my steps.

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