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S I M O N E  • mama of three • wife • sharing a natural lifestyle ——— Get oily 👇🏽

As a Mama, I am always looking for the best ways to help support my children naturally. Knowledge is power, and if you do your research, speak to people, and collect your own testimonies along the way, you will realise essential oils can be safe on babies and kids... again, knowledge is power here. If you want to know more about babies and oils I have an amazing online forum I can add you into with no strings attached.

Oscars sleepy time roller;
1 drop of frankincense.
1 drop of lavender.
Topped up with coconut oil, in a 10ml roller and rolled onto the bottoms of his feet as the skin on the soles is less sensitive and also the best place for the oils to be absorbed. Dried chamomile added for fun!

Sweet dreams all round 💫

This little guy is growing up SO fast, I’m still not ok with the fact he turned 5 the other week. Pictured here on one of our recent bush walks with a stick, a rock, and a backpack full of weapons for the ware wolves that might attack us 🙈

Growing pains for his legs, I can highly recommend the blend we are currently using, copaiba and panaway, in a roller he loves to roll on his legs and feet every night 😍 my little oily boy.

I have 3 little samples bottles left if anyone has a little one that wants to give this a try! Xx

SKIN SERUM//. Frankincense.
Topped up with jojoba oil.

Oil on your face, sounds super scary at first especially if your prone to breakouts like I am.

Jojoba oil has vitamin E and B complex, to help soothe, nourish and moisturises the skin while keeping ph levels balanced. It's rich in iodine that helps fight harmful bacteria that leads to breakouts.

Frankincense and Lavender are great for skin cell renewal, reduces the signs of acne, minimise pores and fights against wrinkles.
Lemon and purification are amazing on breakouts and for brightening the skin giving it an extra glow, and copaiba to boost the properties of all the oils it’s mixed with!

Morning + night. ✨ Oh and, all oils from my starter kit ✨

My oldest baby is turning 9 this week... N I N E.

I was 21 when I had Taylor and looking back I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have had so much fun over the years, and I’ve grown into the person I am today with her always by my side.
My life did a 180 when she was born, everything changed, from goals and priorities to dreams and friendships, and I believe we are exactly where we are supposed to be in life.
I’ve watched her grow into the most beautiful caring big sissy, and I know there is a huge bright future for her ahead! Keep doin’ you girl! ✨

Poor little Pax is always the first to show signs of some bug coming into our home 🤧 So today it’s ALL the lemon and thieves up in my diffusers, and bringing that immunity roller out and rolling away like there’s no tomorrow, because we have another birthday in the fam this week and ain’t nobody got time to be sick 🤘🏽 .

Immunity roller : thieves, frankincense, RC and lemon

+ thrifting

I loveee checking out all the furniture in the local thrift shops. I’m so lucky to have so many in my area full of ALL THE GOODS!

Without even realising, my house is 95% thrifted. The only items bought brand new are my bed, and my lounge, and i love it! What are some of your best second hand finds? And if your a fellow Sydney sider, where is your fave second hand store ? xx

My other passion over at @littlehouseofkind 🌻

I am so blessed to be able to say this is now my full time job. If your interested to learn more about network marketing - reach out.

Hear me out - it is not going to be easy.. but it WILL be worth it. I have been working flat out for the past 5 months and I am now at the rank of Silver within the Young Living business (check the income disclosure in my highlights that is in US dollars), and this has surpassed my part time income that I had before having Oscar. This is legit.

If you have a passion for health and wellness, and using clean, natural products - and tbh if we all want healthy happy hormones, glowing skin and to feel all round awesome, you should be - this is for you.

Through this business I am able to spread this message, by using and sharing about all the non toxic, plant based products that Young Living have to offer, and yes there is WAY more than oils.

Check your products. “Fragrance” is an umbrella term for a tonne of different endocrine disrupters, carcinogens, neurotoxins and allergens that should never be applied or consumed - seriously - go check your products.

Together we can create a revolution and make REAL change. If you want to work along side me, let’s do this together and turn this passion into a real job. The huge community, the resources and support are waiting for you to dive straight in x

We all love rollers right..?! They are so easy to make, so pretty, effective and convenient... and I’m about to tell you about something that plays on my mind SO much because it’s just crazy!

The cost to buy these pre made rollers, are $20-30 a pop for a 10ml roller... but DID.YOU.KNOW... the premium starter kit, comes with 11 x 5ml bottles of EO.

Let me break it down... A 5ml bottle has an average of 80 drops in it... your standard baby roller (swipe right) has an average of two drops of EO in it as they are so diluted.

80 (drops) x 11 (bottles)...
880 drops. Divided by 2 (the amount of drops per roller...) that’s 440 rollers you could make from your starter kit (yep 😬). Adult rollers (swipe right again for recipes) generally have around 20 drops per roller, this obviously varies upon personal preference.

SO, using the same math above, from your starter kit, you could make 44 adult rollers... sooo 44 pre made rollers for $880-$1300


44 rollers of your own choice from the premium starter kit for $259 PLUS a diffuser.

The mind boggles!! I’m sending out 2x 10ml rollers with all member welcome packs so everything is ready to go once your kit arrives 💫

Ok Mamas, this is something that once you read and learn about, there is no turning back.. Oscar is literally on me for 90% of the day, he naps on me, feeds from me, we co-sleep, I baby wear.. he’s almost always in direct contact with my skin or clothing.

Have you ever read the ingredients of your laundry detergent, perfumes, skin creams and body wash (spoiler alert - it ain’t pretty) and our babies, as well as ourselves, are inhaling and absorbing all of that in... GOOGLE THOSE INGREDIENTS PPL... which is why I’ve literally replaced all my household and personal care items to plant based products, or simple oily DIYs.

Babies are already exposed to so much when arriving into this world, so I’m doing everything I can to reduce mine, and my children’s toxin exposure. It wasn’t done overnight, I replaced my products one by one, and can now be confident in knowing that I’ve done as much as I can to give them the best start to life. I did this through Young Livings essential rewards program, 1 order per month that I customise to what I’m looking to replace or restock, while earning loyalty points back to then use to place orders for free!

If your already one of my beautiful members and want to start with the first step into reducing your toxin exposure, PM me and I’ll walk you through it! If your someone wanting to become a member, I can help you earn points back right from your very first order 🤓

Now go check your products... make it a habit.. we all deserve to be aware of this, because if a product says it’s “natural” it actually doesn’t mean anything. While your at it... google “GREENWASHING” 😶

Essential oils don’t just smell nice, they also provide numerous health benefits for the whole household.

Using a diffuser, like the ‘aria’ diffuser from Young Living, is probably the easiest way to improve your health, boost your energy and promote good sleep, along with many other benefits.

Diffusers offer a natural and safer alternative to air fresheners and candles, especially if you want to be more proactive when it comes yours and your families health. They can fill a room with the natural fragrance from oils that freshens up your home while promoting overall wellness.

Just some of the benefits of diffusing;

Promotes deeper, longer sleep - my recommendations, Cedarwood, frankincense, lavender and chamomile.

Creates a calm and more relaxed environment- my recommendations, stress away, lavender, frankincense and Valor.

Boosts the immune system - my recommendations, thieves, lemon, clove, tea tree and frankincense.

Keeps unwanted guests away 🦟 - my recommendations, cinnamon, thieves, lemongrass, peppermint and rosemary.

Boosts energy and concentration - my recommendations, lemon, grapefruit, orange and peppermint.

All the premium starter kits come with a diffuser of your choice.. so get diffusing guys!!

I’ve honestly never met such a smiley little bub in my life ♥️

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