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❣️Mįã Brøwñ❣️ 12/04/04  🏳️‍🌈

Creds: @jess.editssss ❤️

Alyson’s birthday party wuz funn ❤️😂🤞🏻💯

This year was a crazy year🤪there was depressing times, and happy times. It was a rough start buh ended with a nice day 😇I luv everyone that has been a part of my life❤️ Y’all impacted my frkn life and I can’t want anything else buh have u in my 2k18 😭🔐💯 @glassez517 @xo._.nat @nf_anahii @yt._.julie_ @unknown._.destiny @yofavee.dess @keonaaaaa_ @yt._.nadya @_al3xaaaa_ @_aloha.angelina_ @salty._.sara and more 😇

P.E wuz fun 😂💖

How should I begin, well happy birthday Matthew !!!!!!! Ily as a boy best frand :) and I don’t know wat i would do without yhu, our friendship was impeccable in kinder and 1st until I left and didn’t see each other until 6th grade , but we now are back at it again, we have our thick nd thin times but we still work things out.... can’t believe we are the same age now -_- but I’m still older 😂 buh whatever. Being friends will be the one thing I would NEVER regret, hope you understood the general idea , happy birthday Matthew 😇 @glassez517

05/11/18 - 05/13/18

😻😻🤤 Vc: @ak47.moose

I don’t know how to explain my luv for dis one........ welp, Alexa, ur the realest, u been my best amiga since 3rd grade, we had our thick & thin times buh still made it to dis day, we laugh,we cry, we scream, we smile always , ilysfm and I hope our bond still goes farther on ..... cuz we been friends for 4 yrs Welp happy birthday and enjoy dis day 💯😇😭😂❤️🔐🤤😻😋🔥😍☺️ @_al3xaaaa_

Wcw to myself 😻

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