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LowlaDee  I love telling stories❤ Film/TV

Blood, tears, sweat. Gosh... I first want to say thank you to everyone, especially Multichoice @africamagic. @thisisit_series squad you guys are the best...thank you for all the messages, tags..It's our win.
There is an A team I'd like to thank. The Investors, Cast, Crew and Music Artistes of This Is It. There is no This Is It without you ...THANK YOU. To my support circle, you already know. Forever and a day more❤
11 years ago, at 16, after hitting my head and face, breaking the dashboard and windscreen in a brake failure accident, fighting for hours for my life, the doctor said I may never be able to think well again. Look at that. With several surgeries (& still pending), a failed skin graft, I had inner and physical scars to remind me of my pain for years. But in my pain I found purpose. A place I could put all my heart, emotions and the brains I almost lost, for the service of others.
Everyone who knows me, knows film is first a service for me. And I thank God for the opportunity. I will forever be humbled.
Trust me, you can survive ANY pain. You are stronger...you just dont know it. Once you know, that is your miracle.
Cheers to my baby steps being recognized. I plan to give life my very best shot❤. ps. thank you @chynwakanma for representing at the awards❤❤

#fbf to one of my fave nights♥

2 years ago when @nickmutuma suggested we work together in Nairobi Kenya (East Africa), I was super scared. But then...2 years later, after levels of growth, business understanding of partnerships and seeking higher transition and elevation, also understanding that Africa isn't just Nigeria, and as an African filmmaker I have the creative right to explore my great continent and tell it's stories, I decided to do the riskiest thing I've ever done. Leave the environment I've known for 28 years of my life for I dont know how long. What's the worst that could happen right? After about 6 intense months of writing SHUJAA, we are ready to make a great film.
SHUJAA boldly addresses a sensitive issue within a sect in Kenya that will require a budget we cannot afford. Its nothing like I've ever done. Amazingly, together with @hassansarah our amazing lead, producer and one of my absolute fav persons, we decided to film a pitch video selecting pivotal scenes that best describe the vision of the film for our potential investors and donors across the globe. We would like to thank all cast and crew that collaborated on this. You are the very best and it'll be our win. Thank you!! Surely, Nigeria will always be home with loads of amazing stories to be told no matter where I am.
The stars are aligned for Africa in this moment, and film must be a huge part of it. Though we cant share the pitch video with the public, please keep us in your prayers as we soon begin our pitch rounds!

ps. SHUJAA is Swahili word for brave one or warrior

Unashamedly Banging Through Life~ Literally!💪
Those who get it, get it! haha🤗

Yes, a Film Director can storm a meeting in heels 👠

Dear future boo I am sitting down on this chair looking at the sky waiting for you. But wait..hold up...there is not even a single star in the sky??! is that bad luck?? I have decided not to stand up because you are worth the wait my lovely. Come rain, sunshine, winter, loud thuders...I'm seated here my love...in my red dress...for you. 😂😂😂😂😂 Pffttt!!! oh puhleezeeee!! Take your time. No clock in the world is ticking on our love story and no, I am not waiting for you. With me, you'd have to catch me if you can. oh! btw, get an umbrella for two, in case you find me when it's raining, I hate carrying umbrellas...you're welcome🤗😂❤ ok m done *coughs* the real caption reads😑: Thank you to my friend, super Architect & Photographer @gunzography for yesterday's dinner and this amazing photo I love so much. Your stories were inspiring and I'm so proud of the man that you are! keep being you! keep conquering🤗

The moment you find the exact location you imagined while writing💫
#recce #slowlybutsurely #globalisthestandard

We hadn't kept in touch for about 2yrs. No particular reason-just life. But last week she gets a msg from me at 3am! She calls at day break and asks, 'where are you?' I tell her...and she says, 'I'm coming'.
Voilà! 4 days later, she's here from Lagos...❤
This would have been one hell of a cliche romantic-movie climax move if she were a guy! but oh well I can manage😒😂 #friendshipstrong #desperadosturvz #reunited💕

This Is It🎈🎉
Thank you to the Super amazing cast, crew I was privileged to lead (couldn't tag everyone😭). There would be no This Is It without you. And more importantly to our fans for watching and for giving us a reason to create❤❤

"I have been with you wherever you have gone, and I have cut off all your enemies from before you. Now I will make for you a name like the greatest in the land."
2 Samuel 7:9 📌
So Ready❤

Ruthless devotion to inner peace💝

Looking forward to meeting and interacting with @thisisit_series Tanzania 🇹🇿squad❤❤

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