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Brittney Atwood ♥️  Family comes first♥️Wife of @romanatwood for any business inquires- smilemorestore@Gmail.com

Weekends are my favorite! ♥️ I may be kinda a stay at home working mommy, I am home almost everyday of the week and get to homeschool and spend time with them everyday. But I do have people here durning the week that help with the kids, and I love that it’s family getting to spend time with them while working. But on the weekend it’s just us! And I love it! Love being a mom so much!! My kids mean the world to me!! Wish my oldest Noah was here to be in the picture! 😪 but this was to cute not to post! Enjoy your time with everyone you love! ❤️

Happy Halloween!! 🎃

One reason I don’t post everyday is because I don’t want to have any negativity in my mind, some days are just hard to deal with bad negative comments and I get them on every post no matter what it’s the internet. Some days go by when I pick my phone up and don’t get on any social media until I have got my workout in good food feeling super good about myself so that bad negative comments mean nothing to me. That being said I am very excited but also very scared to post this... when I was a kid every time I went to the dentist I had a new cavity, I loved sugar!! I always felt bad for my mom having to pay so much to fix my teeth, when I was 14 I was asked if I wanted braces to fix my front teeth. I declined and said I would live with it and be fine because I didn’t want to make my mom pay more for my teeth. They wanted to put braces on because I am missing a tooth in the front. Most people don’t notice but it’s the only thing I see when I smile. When I was 16 I started going to school to be a dental assistant and worked as one until I had Kane. In all those years I was always wanting to fix my teeth or make them better but never had the extra money for it. As of yesterday I made my appointment to fix my teeth and finally will have the confidence to smile as big as I want and not feel bad about my missing tooth! I am working with an amazing Dr that I have looked up to for almost 9 years now, I always admired her work and am so excited she is working on my smile. Thank you everyone for your support love you all so much!! ♥️

If you didn’t know I have been streaming on twitch once a week! Want to send a big thank you to @gtomegaracing 😍 they sent the whole family chairs and also we have big plans coming!! 😏 name is BrittneySmiles on twitch you should totally follow me so you know when I go live😊😊

Happy Sunday everyone! I truly hope you are having an amazing day! The only one that can make that happen is you! Do something for you, make yourself smile today. It’s so easy to let other people’s emotions bring you down I do this all the time! 🤦🏻‍♀️ But try and think only positive thoughts and be a better person today then you were yesterday. I love you all so much. Thank you for all the love and support on everything! 😘

It’s finally fall!! 🍁 My favorite season, but it also means it’s almost time to put my baby in for the winter! 😪

What’s mine is yours ♥️ (like I had a choice) 😂

Smile!! 😍 This girl is so silly I love her so much!!

Empire finally has a new donkey friend! 😍 She is a very sweet and shy one year old girl. What should we name her?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Remember why you started! ♥️ Feels so good to be back in the gym and working on myself again!! 💪

Sunday 😚
One of my favorite days of the week!
What’s your favorite day?! And don’t say Monday’s! 🤪

Last night I had a great date night with my husband!! @kevinhart4real was amazing!! Roman was in full tears at one point! 😂 #irresponsibletour

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