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Eric Nuncio  1 boy and 2 girls call me dad. #LionLife

Pre orders start next week. #InAnyJungle #LionLife

Pre orders start next week. #InAnyJungle #AthleticTights #LionLife

Make it happen #LionLife

Kids had me busy. But I promise I'm coming full force. #LionLife

In this sport you have to make them respect you. #DoMoore #NoahStrong #InAnyJungle #LionLifeVsEverybody #LionLife

When you make a mistake only dwell on it long enough to find the lesson in it, then move forward. #LionLife

We made a movie. 2017 NABL Champs... San Antonio Lions! @shotbydreday with the serious 📽📹🎥 game. #DoMoore #NoahStrong #LionLife

My young Lions came out with 1st too playing up 4th grade.
Great weekend boys! #StayHungry #LionLife

I'm out in Vegas hooping in the Latino National Tourney and I just got word that my girls got their 1st ship. We been playing up for a while and finally played our level and won. I'm so proud of you girls wish I could have been there. #StayHungry #LionLife

Although SA Lions had way more talent I agree on heart too! Championship series 2018 here in SA let's make it legendary. #DoMoore #NoahStrong #LionLife

It's a mentality. LionLife is more than just a team y'all see or a piece of clothing... it's a way of life. I really believe you could do what you want if you really believe. I know that bc it happens everyday to me. Everyone wakes up to a different jungle... but you have to be a lion #InAnyJungle no matter the situation. Health, mental or physical you gotta approach any situation like a lion. We just don't back down and the positive mental game for yourself is always a plus. Video cred: @mirmir56 #SpeakItIntoExistence #DoMoore #NoahStrong #LionLife

This season has been the best season any of us could ask for. We did it our way and won a ship with odds against us. God had our back. When you do good things in the dark great things come to light and now we are champions. We expect great things to come in 2018 as we will host the championship series. First off we will need to improve our program to make it back next season so I'll be done playing and now GM of The San Antonio Lions. I'm looking to create the best minor league team we could make to open up opportunity for guys who deserve a chance. I will be teaming up with very respectable ball players to make this program the best it should be. Until next season.... #LionLife

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