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I love you babe @mlp_shadow_thunder_

I just watch waywardpines #waywardpines WHY ETHAN WHY YOU HAVE TO DIE ;(AHHA SORRY FOR SPOILER

If you want to rp text "yeah" below and i will add you to a dm group also btw i like romantic rps so it will be a romace theme

@mlp_shadow_thunder_ and I want to have a kid...so you can be ours you will be customize to your oc or how you want!DM ME

Dear diary, my mom tould me that she put a spell on me to hide my wings!She finally undid the spell!Im upset she had lied and said im a earth pony the whole time... ~lily

Got this from @vinyl_scratch15287

Follow my SSP @mlp_shadow_thunder_ he is so sweet😘

I ship myself with my ssp @mlp_shadow_thunder_ but who do you ship me with?

What would you do!(from @pinkie._.mania )

READ PLZ:I need help i try following people but i doesn't let me PLEASE HELP

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