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Emil  A life journey of little Irish Emil, told by his mom Marina (@marusidz). История жизни ирландца Эмиля, рассказываемая мамой Мариной (@marusidz)

Morning hugs... So peaceful and loving... For the next thirty seconds:) But honestly, every time I wanna kill this cat for chewing on my earphones or puking on a carpet, I remind myself how much Emil loves her, how much he's learned from her, and I calm down. A bit. #kidsandpets

That's how happy feels!! #irishsummer. Just as a side note - it's the hottest summer in Ireland since 1976 with average temperature occasionally rising +30, which for Ireland is mad. We're officially in a dryout, and it's a bit sad to see less and less green grass because of it, but we're enjoying it while we can:)

You can fall as many times as you need, I'll be there to catch you... Photo by @_albina_photo

When you're not only being held hostage, but also forced to watch a cartoon about dogs!!! #stockholmsyndrome #pawpatrolisontheroll

Как говорится, лучше фламинго в руках, чем журавль в небе #дитязаката

The road wolf and his special lady #younglove

When there's little you care about but ice cream:)

We got this bodyboard yesterday from a random person on a beach (thank you!). However Emil decided to use it as a surfboard:) Unfortunately we have to go back tomorrow, so there's no time to make him the youngest surf champion, but it's a good start, and we'll continue practicing in Ireland. And is it me, or is Spiderman is doing a perfect Slavic squat?😂😂 #stopgrowingupsofast #littlesurfer #lapineda

Sun knows we're leaving on Friday, and tries to give us at least something to remember after a day of rain #idontwannago

Happy first day of Summer!!! :)

Grand rehearsal before Spain. Thanks, Dublin, for a gorgeous weather!

When I realize it's not yet weekend... Emil obviously enjoys his dinosaur costume #notimpressed

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