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When you lose the two most important people in your life in just a matter of months, the grieving process can be tricky. They are two totally different relationships, and they impacted your world in many different ways. I felt it harder to grieve for my brother than my mom, and still do, because of his history with drugs and alcohol. It chips away at who they are, and creates a totally different relationship with that person.
Dennis’ addictions definitely aided in a rift between us, but anytime i felt myself slipping away from him further, I was reminded that he loved me, his little sister, more than anyone in this world. And despite the challenges, we still had the most special bond. I carry that with me every day..and though his grieving process is one i’m still grappling with, even 4 years later, i know he’s truly at peace, free from his anguish, and can participate in my life now, better than he ever could on Earth. I love you, Den | 4.20.14

treasure hunting 👣🐙

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”

steady chasin’ these vibes

soaked up every last minute of this weekend

If last night was any indication of what 2018 will bring, i’m here for it. #KissMyButler2017 ✨🥂🎉

Whenever i tell someone that i lost my mom, now 3 years ago, their immediate reaction is “im so sorry.” But my response is always, don’t be. And i mean it. Life has been so full, and some of the best things have happened for me since she has passed. And that’s no coincidence.
When my mom passed away, the first thing that stuck with me was how she gave me the power of perspective. I’ve been able to use that power to create an incredible life for myself, one that i know she’d be insanely proud of. And as time passes i’m reminded of so much more that she taught me - independence, resilience, friendship and most importantly, fun.
I wish so badly she could physically be here - for the good days, and moreso the days when i need a hug that only she can give. But i’ll always feel her spirit, and look forward to those moments of gratitude when i know she’s present. | 12.18.2014

It was the best day. #WhatAFeeling #PairOfJacks #ScrantonLove 💜

t r a n s f o r m a t i o n

most times, i can’t believe it either.

There’s no other way that this day could have ended 🔮 #highonlife #sandiego #calilife 🍭✨

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