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León Que  "Love yourself like your life depends on it."

Cuz star wars

Someone's getting poised in this story.


Lol, if only friendships like this existed

I rarely go outside honestly, like I'll usually only be outside if I'm excersising, or at school. I'm usually drawing, playing video games, or crying to romantic movies... I was joking about the last part... Or was I?


California blue.
Miserable at best.
But looking fine.
Honestly have no idea why I'm posting this._.

So I'm going to be uploading to DeviantArt, personal reasons. I'll still upload art every once in awhile but mostly just random stuff.
Link to account in the bio.

Those poor fools.

Spartan company Sean.
So this is my first drawing I've made using Adobe illustrator and it came out amazing, so proud of myself.
Please comment your thoughts bellow.
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Just some desk art I decided to make when I finished my work

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