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alaina stratton  happy wife to @blakestrat 💍| podcasting @whiteflagwealth 🏳💰 #noshamecampaign | Keeping Up With the Jones, "Transformation":


(Swipe for more) I recently had the honor of hosting our beautiful friend @morgan_fite & her bridal party on her wedding day. I fell in love with their photographer @nicolaharger & love these sweet photos she took at our house. Make up by @morganjaebeauty! Everyone, hire these ladies! ·
I had so much fun creating a peaceful space for these beauties & honored to sneak in time with the bride on such an important day! Thanks for letting us host you, Morgan & bridesbabes! ·
On your wedding day, atmosphere is everything -- I believe it, & after this I want to host #allthebridalparties. No joke: if anyone wants to go into business with me doing this, I'm in!

I often get messages from strangers and friends alike asking me about my spirituality and how I experience God. The simple answer is that the life I have, and the relationship I have with God, is possible for two reasons: choosing to risk trusting that there is more to the Lord than I was experiencing and the time I spent at this school of ministry. Everything you see that I do, including my writing, Liberté, and White Flag Wealth, was born from a foundation of identity I discovered @gcsosl. "School" isn't even quite the right word -- it's an experience, something you'll commit to for 8 months. It's a community where you'll be loved and challenged. It's a refuge and safe haven. It's a place where you will learn to be free of the things that hinder you and experience everything rules and religion can't give you -- it's a place of revival, where your heart will come alive and be re-introduced to a real God who wants relationship, not to shame you. Applications close in two days and I strongly recommend applying! DM me your questions, I'm happy to help or connect to with someone on staff who can! ✨

time and again
when i'm at my wit's end
he comes near to remind me
so i don't forget:
the things that grow in the desert
are the things that can withstand
so don't give up
not yet.
#desertsong #thingsinprogress #lainsinprogress

Everything wonderful I have I owe to the kindness of God & the three years I spent with the leadership & community at SOSL. I was so honored to share about my journey of transformation over the last few years with God -- as well as to be in the company of the leaders who literally helped to save my life & fellow students I love & admire. There is so much more to your life AND to "religion" -- if you don't believe me, listen to our stories! Double dog dare you. SOSL just might be for you, too 😉 Link in profile or check out @alynandaj. ✨

Feeling that travel jones & wanting to go back to #blaina honeymoon adventuring 😩Also of note: #longhairdontcare

I feel barren and sideways, far off my path
I am beaten and run down by anger and lack
I may be surrounded by rolling hills of death
But my God I will praise you with each desperate breath •

I’ll yell victory
Where the desert screams defeat
God, I’ll remember your glory
When I’m empty and weak
And over each barren hill I’ll seek
The horizon of the promise
You’ve spoken to me

Oh, hear me Deathland —
Oh, hear me Deceit —
I’ll take all you’ll throw at me, my soul won’t be beat
Give me your best then
Your lies and your fear
There’s no where I’ve traveled
My call He won’t hear

The lies that you feed me
Are the verses I’ll write
To tell of a Savior who's saving my life
The story you’re weaving
I won’t believe
I’ll turn these tears into vows
To the God who loves me

I won’t be afraid
And I’ll yell victory
Even when these desert sands scream of defeat
And when it tells me I'm alone
I’ll remember my Jesus on the throne
Who kneels in the desert
And calls me his own
Who gave up all dignity, who gave up His life
That when deathlands surrounded  me
I’d still survive —

So you can’t have me, I won’t leave me
I won’t cast off my heart
I’ll leave this season with more than I had at the start
I’ll plunder your hillsides
And laugh at defeat
I’ll take everything that my God promised to me •

#desertsong #thingsinprogress

Happy mother's day to the woman who has been buttoning me up & loving me for thirty years! 💕

Two years ago we were engaged! #blaina | Here's a poem the Lord woke me up in the middle of the night to write, long before @blakestrat even proposed, which we included in our wedding ceremony:

How lovely it is
That god has made you just so
And I have had all the years of my life
To come to know each detail
And thoughtfully crafted part

How lovely that he has entrusted me with you
Here on earth
However fleeting
To caretake and to love
you with the best parts of myself

To see you with eyes he has given
And encourage you with his own words spoken from my lips
To hold lightly in these hands
That which he molded from his own
To hold you
And feel how soft your skin
To see
How light plays across your shoulders
To feel
So intricately & intimately
His love
[& your love]
Given so freely
To me
Through you, most lovely craft & expression
Of the one who holds us both near
The author of the orbit
that kept us circling one another
As he readied us for years
To be able
To hold
One another
Like this.

How lovely it is that God has made you just so
And how lovely that I have all the years of my life to come to know you.

Had an amazing time at the opening of @nousarthouse last night! ✨ Excited about this addition to the east side. Congratulations to one of my favorite local photographers & lady bosses @ashtinpaige, who is all of the #goals. 👏👏👏 #nousarthouse #supportyourlocalgalpal #nashvilleartscene #nashvilleart

Alright, you babes. It's Friday & you officially have until tonight to take my survey. I'm making a site for women where we can embark on brave & wonderful journeys into our own hearts & the heart of God. Real talk about real experiences, without fear or condemnation. By filling out my open survey, you can help shape the content of this site! Bring your voice to the conversation. I can't wait to hear it. SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS! Link in profile. ✨
📸: @tealephotography

FINAL SURVEY CALL. I've decided to close my Liberté survey this Friday! Women, I invite you to click the link in my profile to share about your experiences in the Church with purity & sex, navigating dating & marriage, relating to our own bodies as holy and more. Please add your voice to this growing conversation! Again, thank you to everyone for your honesty & vulnerability. I am so honored by your stories. 📸: @tealephotography

The initial responses on my survey have left me breathless (and at times, in tears). I am amazed at the stories, burdens, and wisdom women carry. If you would like to participate in my open survey regarding Christian identity & intimacy, I would be honored to hear your story. Link in profile.
And to anyone who's already completed it: my heartfelt thank you. I am in awe of your bravery and strength; I am inspired to continue this journey with you with my whole heart. ♥️ 📸: @tealephotography

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