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Jacqueline Lachevre  ❤️Bostonian📍Vermont 🍄 former small-business owner & enthusiast of all things food-tech

WOMEN’s HISTORY MONTH 🙌🏼 #4 Ride or die baby. Thank you to these ladies for making Vermont feel like home for the past 6 years. Fellow Vermonters living a well balanced life of hibernation and hustle. 🏔 Roommates coworkers and lady loves. My Burlington Babes. 🏔

WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH 🙌🏼 #3 These are my women who send the snail mail, who always have their door open, who send love when you’re down, who invite you to holiday parties no matter how far away, who always make the trip, and who I wish were closer so that I’m not always in “catch-up” mode with them. 🥂 These humans are observant, contemplative, humble, loving and super creative. They have a lot to give and I can feel that support everyday wherever I am because I know they would show up. #friendshipgoals #womensupportingwomen

WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH 🙌🏼 #2 in honor of #mondaymotivation, I want to highlight some of the hardest working women I know. These women not only inspire me and push me but greatly impact the women in their communities. These women work 7 days a week not because they are trying prove something but because they love what they do. I mean LOVE what they do. These women live and breath their careers, and I think they get me. These entrepreneurs are incredible people, and they are successful because their clients and employees benefit everyday. 🍎 @headonastik, Miss Paula taught me if you’re going to work your tail off at least do something you love and it should be fun, especially if you’re going to do it everyday... She is one bad ass business woman and I am grateful that my first job ever was at Characters. 🥂 I also included a photo of the women that work at Crave Food Systems because our Director of Retail was recently featured in @agfunder. I am feeling pretty lucky to be part of this team. #womenintech 🍎 Also can’t put up a post like this without giving a shout to @mtholyoke and my @mhcalums #mtholyokeforevershallbe

WOMEN’s HISTORY MONTH 🙌🏼 I buckled under the pressure this past week to post the perfect post for #internationalwomensday 😑 so I have decided that I will to pay tribute to all my amazing women with a few posts *cue eye roll, I know* but at this point in my life, right now, I’m feeling very lucky to have the women that I do guiding me through life. I find myself surrounded and supported by some serisously impressive women near and far. I have worked on this all week and I will try my best to do these women justice. 💋 Of course, I must start with the women with whom share blood. My mom, who taught me to push myself and never settle. You can have a career, a family, and never apologize. My sister, who has taught me that there are no limits to how fierce you can be. She also shares the special quality of being unapologetic 😉 My cousin, Liz, who is one of the strongest, most humble women I know. I also envy her athleticism! And my grandmother, who taught me that independence is one of most valuable things a woman can give herself. Also “you’re french my baby”... a good diet of wine and prescription pills will keep you going forever. Just to note, she’s 98 and still has her hairdresser make weekly house calls. #work 🥂 I have tagged some of the women that I plan to give some love.

The theme of this post is : “look but don’t touch.” #canttouchthis

One of our favorite mornings. #farmersmarket + #cafe + #paindepices ! What more do you need?

Eyes on the prize 👀 missing my little bub who’s getting spoiled at my parents house for a couple weeks

💨Rare footage of the day Maddie was dumped on the Lachèvre doorstep, a cold wintery February day. Joyeux Anniv Madeleine !! ❄️☃️

Waiting for the next time I have time to paint. 💙🖌 #watercolor

Vermont is a warm 30 degrees today! Still dreaming of 90 degree farm visits on Long Island. #sun & #sundayvibes

Pup’s first big hike! #vermontingsohard

🎨 watercolor inspiration 👩🏽‍🌾 #weekendvibes #vtphoto

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