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IKHWAN SYAFIQ  👆🏻Catch my stories👆🏻 👽I make memes occasionally👾 BLΛƆKPIИK ||BTS || 2NE1

It was actually 40% ice-skating and 60% me complaining about how my feet hurts⛸⛸👨‍👦.

Photos of people in blue👦🏻👧🏻🔷. K-H-A-L-E-D is literally in every shot. Can you spot him👀.

Mental illness is beyond simple comprehension. I know this topic is rarely disclosed because people are afraid, afraid to voice out because they are scared to be condemned and slandered or are afraid to be IGNORED. If the brain is the root of potential ideas then why is our mental welfare always neglected and refrained from discussion. We need to TALK because it represents an issue that is very real. Awareness is good but people who care is what we want. People who are able to understand and interact with proper approach is what we need. The subject is rarely brought to light because we were never taught to deal with these feelings because it doesn't matter until it affects us and consumes us. Speak up now so that others might stand up tomorrow. Let it be known that YOUR story matters and is a HUGE contribution.
Hand in hand🤝. 💚💚💚
#endthestigma #bellletstalk

A couple of weeks before, I spent a whole week feeling undermined, over-stressed, overstrained and defeated. I felt sooo lonely. Mentally I was suffocating. I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what I should do. I fed myself negative thoughts to a point where I actually believed them and I watched as my inner demons feasted on my carnage. I was desperate, and sought every possible way to better myself. So I want to give thanks to each person who carried me through and who were kind enough to take care of me. When I no longer see the value within me these people give every reason to push foward just another day. It's not a bad life, it's just life. Persevere and believe that hope exist even in the most unfavourable situation🙏🙏.

Your favourite OTP💃🕺.
Much love to the Artari crew🙆‍♂️. Thank you to Miss Alariece and Sir Tarmizi for giving me a chance when I thought I had none. I'm so happy with how close we got and how comfortable we were in each others presence. Artari will always be a home that I will cherish and look for🏠🏠. From Eva's 'Da Bei, Da Bei' to selalu begaduh sma Shirley sma Andrea to bergila-gila sma Nilla and Adi😂😂. See you next sem, Nyeongan🤧👋. @joyce.nsh @bellson_boy

Me in a tent🏕🏕. 📸@ath.sey

Like Ying and Yang👦🏻, with every melodramatic moment you experience my condescending comments will always follow😌😌. (na sblum yang gete menanya ini ig beliau @bellson_boy) #ArtariBorneo

All I can say is Thank You Thank You THANK YOU sooo much for everything🙏. Thank you for having the patience to guide us along the way and thank you for adoring k-pop as much as I do(new facee👋) @audtessaa. Your talent knows no boundaries and only brings inspiration to those around you. Not to forget to those who helped in my visual presentation from my make-up to my hair especially roommateku @zenmzzi (terharu sanggup tulung😂) and also to those who supported us during the performance. Even though sya tidak tau sepa dan dari mana tu suara suara yang memanggil tu but thank you abis teriak teriak nama esp @elmoline.pat🌟 #ARTARIINYOURAREA

Your BLACKPINK Crew in Your Area👦🏻👧🏻!! 🖤💖 @nikafisyaa
Will you still await for our next video... 😏😏👉🏻👈🏻

Pose for BTS😎😎. #DNAinyourarea
short story:- I was at MP belajar. Then I call my fren. After calling her I put my phone down. Then suddenly the girl behind me tegur ah. "Umm, excuse mee. Boleh tengok yang di belakang phone tu." Segala sel sel dlam badan vibrate abis fanboy mode is ON. Apa lagi cerita cerita pasal BTS then becos dia sangat baik I gave her one of my photocard😭😭. Of J-Hope lagi tu. But worth it thoo🙌🙌.

Chem Buddiess👨‍🔬👩‍🔬. @szanadia

🌹My Greatest Pleasure Was Loving You🌻
Love is like fire
Burning the very soul that latches on to it
Becoming the disease that everybody desires

With each passing day I pray that we never go apart
Only with a gentle glare my heart explodes
As if pouring oil onto my burning heart

For this is not a game
Our fate have been sealed and the rules have changed
This affair that we play has morphed into an addiction

Like a whisper into the void
As I cling for the attention that I know can never be mine
Day by day, I hope we won't just pass by like the wind

And though I know that this path may only lead to destruction and disarray
But for the loving heart that mends the soul I willingly stay

To you, the only you that my heart flutters to
For the only truth, my greatest pleasure was loving you
Happy Birthday to Our Beloved Country🇲🇾🇲🇾. (The poem has no relationship to the caption)

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