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Kristin (Richards) Hildebrand  📍LA | Utah grown Wife | Mama | Former USA & pro volleyballer | World Champion | Stanford alum | Life & puppy lover | Globe trotter | Dream Chaser

Rhett’s 10 months old and still everyone in this households favorite thing in the entire world. Swipe to see him showing off his latest hobby 💋😂🤩 .
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Anyone that still thinks he looks more like Tyler after seeing this photo... we need to have a talk 😏😉🤭. TWINS or nah???? Comment⬇️🗯🗯🗯

Six years of marriage to my person🥂. .
Missing this day and feeling grateful for all the love that surrounded & supported us. Heart was absolutely full then, and somehow, even fuller now. Love him now more than ever. Xx
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Brb gushing about my baby boys first ponytail😍😍😍 aaaand, shoutout to @atlastheblueeyeddane for being the most gentle giant in the land & letting Rhett do prettttty much whatever he wants to him (poke, pull, prod, climb, bite). Love these (fur and human) babies of mine. Hope everyone’s having a good week xx.
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Our fur baby turned 2!🎈🐾🎈
I love this giant goofball with everything I got. PS swipe to see some classic video footage of Atlas crushing his first “puppacino” from the @starbucks drive thru, the first time he ever saw snow (when we roadtripped to Utah), him “sitting” for a treat from auntie @laurenpaolini (who he shares a birthday week with🍾!), & when he was just a baaaaabbby, eating out of his (then giant, currently normal) food bowl. 🤣❤️ LOVE YOU so damn much @atlastheblueeyeddane #greatdane #greatdanesofinstagram #birthday #babydino

Also, you guys! This month our lil dude made it into @united on board magazine, @hemispheresmag ! Lots of you have written us and sent us photos of it while you’ve been on flights and flipping through it😍!! This is the pic I posted on my Instagram story a couple months back // we had the most thoughtful flight attendant that offered to make Rhett a first flight certificate back in January on our way to Tulum✈️🌴 (and had done so for 40+ families without ever being recognized😌)— I tagged United on my story and their PR department picked it up & called and asked if they could publish the photo and write the story🤩🤩 @paolovento72 , your thoughtfulness deserves to be recognized and we are so thankful for the sweet certificate, it’ll be a treasure kept with Rhett’s baby book foreva💫 #✈️

N I N E months today, baby bird. & you finally fit in your dads old baseball getup!! 😍 •

This month in few words; as we continue resisting the haircut, your top knot stays on point - although everyone keeps thinking you are a girl — had a nice waiter come up to us on our lunch date yesterday (only you and I sitting at the table) that said: “everything okay ladies?” — L O L. What’s else; you crawl and climb everywhere, you shake your head “no” when I try to feed you your veggies (and then laugh at me after — you little shit —), you’re learning your name! & you babble “dadadada” all day long (but we’re not letting that go to your dads head). Your two front rabbit teeth (w the cutest gap) naw on all sorts of things including bananas, mangos, your crib, and my shoulder? Oh and I think it’s the cutest thing in the entire flipping world when you have a few bites of food and then need a sip of water from your big boy sippy to wash it all down - you’re like... a real human being all the sudden. Oh! You’re giving me kisses😍. Like look at me, grab my face with both your hands & come in real hot, wet & open mouthed kisses. I keep saying this every single month but this month was my favorite 😂 WE LOVE YOU DUDE #⚾️ #ninemonths #babyboy #ourlove #itsaboy

Holy crap, you guys. Several messages from people and 80+ very heartfelt and meaningful comments on that last post had me in tears several times yesterday. Comments varied from some of the most experienced (super)moms that I admire and look up to, to new(er) mamas like myself, to brand new mamas in the thick of it right now🙏🏻, to expecting mamas, to dear friends who don’t even have babes of their own. Do you know what that tells me? People resonate with REAL. Breaking down walls and getting vulnerable about something - whatever it is -allows for HUMAN CONNECTION; and honestly, IM INTO IT. 😍 instagram often feels like a space we come, we scroll, we double tap, we judge ourselves and we judge others, amirite? Yesterday it felt different. Yesterday it was this incredible way to CONNECT; to spread love and feel loved. To hug and feel hugged. So yeah, thanks you guys❤️. Xx happy Friday

Be still my heart. .
This is one of my very favorite photographs of me and my precious baby. I took it when he got sick while we were traveling abroad in Athens; I was trying to feel his fever while he slept. Today I woke up and feel like sharing a few (raw) thoughts on motherhood. I was reading an article yesterday about the “stresses” of becoming a new mom. I put the word stress in quotations because the word stress didn’t even begin to cut it for me. Here’s the article summed up; as a new mom (most likely) you experience: intense insomnia (sleep deprivation x one million), massive inexperience (wait I’m responsible to keep this thing alive??), intrusive insecurity (about your ability as a mom & your postpartum body), isolation (from your friends / your old life), intense pain (postpartum healing & pains of breastfeeding), & arguments with your partner (about new responsibilities / parenting roles) ALL WHILE EXPERIENCING THE MOST POWERFUL AND PROFOUND LOVE YOUVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN YOUR LIFE❤️. How about that for a bag of emotions. 😅 Looking back at my journey into motherhood, I experienced all of that, and more... I had things surface surrounding losing my mom; a really raw fear that something would happen to me and Rhett would be left without me, and an overall “its so fucking unfair that Rhett doesn’t get to meet her” type feeling going on💔. So yeah, what’s the point of me sharing this? Just to give space to myself and others to talk through the hard stuff. To try and help make space for us to be brave. & vulnerable. We tend to share only the happy moments (in motherhood & LIFE) — there are so many😍 — but I’ve realized it’s important to share the hard stuff, too. To connect us, to be there for one another. Getting vulnerable feels a little scary, but here’s the thing, if ONE NEW MOM reads this and it helps her or lightens her load or makes her feel less alone, it’s already worth it. That’s all. Gonna go snuggle my baby now. ❤️ #motherhood #bebrave #itfeelsgood #realshit #motherhoodunplugged #love #change #growth ps: tagging two mothers who inspire me - daily - to be vulnerable { @thegraygang & @yoga_girl . Thank you both }

Some favorites from this weekend🖤🖤🖤

What a DINOmite weekend with this squaddddd 🦖🍾🍼🇺🇸🏐 💀😴 #mbsixman #merrysixmas #teamdino #cominginhot #kinda #us #kevinhart #dantethedino #RAWR

my fierce baby dino 🦖

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