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田蕊妮 Kristal Tin ♡  ♡田蕊妮花蕊粉絲地 ♡follow if you love Krisтαl! ♡TV Queen 2013 || 2013 視后

恭喜啊田,好激動啊!!!love u😘😘

Credits: @tvb_lover_

Congratulations for winning TV Queen at the TVB Anniversary Gala, Kristal! And Kenneth Ma for TV King. Feel that Kristal has finally gained recognition for her hard work and great acting. ☺️💕 @tinyuilee

So, I'm back! Thanks for not unfollowing! ☺️ Do you play Candy Crush? 😋🍭 #CandyCrushSaga #KristalTin

#KristalTin #RogerKwok they're playing a couple! ☺️

In 《忠奸人》#LouisCheung #LeanneLi #KristalTin

Hello everyone! Thank you for your support for this fan account! ☺️ Sorry for not posting much these few days, I was really busy. I will be away until the end of this week, and am gonna come back with more awesome stuff to share with y'all. Thank you for understanding! 😬

Kristal and momo are so cute! 😻 // @tochapman_1999 's pic

Cute! •w• @tinyuilee

The four of them. 💕

(2) Hehe they got paired together. (:

Kristal at yesterday's Sales Presentation!

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