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~Kainee ~邱凱霓 🇬🇧🇲🇾  16 | UK | SC- kellykhoo2 Spam- @kaineeneepanini

What's my feed without my favourite filter? God my brows look crusty.

Guess who's back. Back again.
~ back again to ruin their damned feed after 2 months.

I literally just make notes for their aesthetics tbh i don't think I'm even absorbing any of the info.

#pretendingmynoteslookcutebecauseihavenothingtopost #l4l #f4f #aesthetic #like4like #notes #cute # #功课 #考试 #英国 #英文 #可爱

You're an ugly weed ruining my feed but it's okay because HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOURE 16 BUT STILL ACT 6 same goes for you @luca.sher . PLEASE DONT EXPECT PRESENTS TIL NEXT WEEK BECAUSE I HAVENT BEEN ABLE TO GO OUT BUT OH HAVE I GOT IDEAS. Here's a good ole birthday post featuring Sam's face since I have none of Luca :(.
You guys make school and life a little bit more tolerable and lunch without your marriage isn't the same- continue with your discussions of double penetration it's quite frankly extremely amusing. Lets continue to joke about Sam's nose and coo over Luca's kittens and insult eachother like no tomorrow 😂😂💕💕 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE PAIR OF YOU, despite sam being a failed abortion, I'm glad he escaped the womb.

Belated Valentine post? Honestly, I forgot about Valentines; I just spent the day doing what I do best: Watching Kdramas.

I cared for these lilies like they were my child.

Bubble tea is basically all I live for tbh.

大家新年快乐,恭喜发财! 祝每一个人身体健康Happy Chinese new year everyone, may your health be good for the year. Rather ironic since I'm ill.

I want to stop piano to study but then I love piano ugh I'm conflicted.
我想继续学弹钢琴但是我也想努力学习所以我一定要优先级我的时间😢😢我可能会停止弹钢琴. .

Is being content and satisfied the same as being happy?

Avocado, 鳄梨.

People need to stop buying me macaroons but if you do buy them for me I will gladly accept them with open arms and much affection.

Food row complete oya. Im a fatass but it cool at least I have an ass somewhere.

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