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J.D.  My Popz say dont Fear Nothin/No1🇵🇷 💯Pr00F 〽️🎶 LA818RaisedMe 🙏🏽🎥🎙Bay Area liven tho....#Oakland

When ya manager finds out you ain't never been to a baseball game smh and says take the rest of the day off...lol 🤣#GiantsVsReds⚾️

#1STFriday #Oakland 💯🇵🇷

#HardToSpeakOnIt #MyMomz 🌹🇵🇷💯

#Raw....Without a Woman there is no Us #Respect

I just wanna say happy birthday, earthday, and bornday to my greatest supporter. You provided for me, loved me unconditionally....taught me value, discipline and how to love hard even when you have nothing left to give. Showed me what to look for in a woman and how to treat her when the time comes. You raised me for the first 18 years of my life and still 13 years later you are still teaching me lessons on life. I couldn't have asked for a better Mom/Grandma then what you have been to me. You've never stopped believing in me and for that exact reason I am who I am today...I love you Grandmama. HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎁🎁🌹🌹🌹💯🇵🇷

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