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Kirsti  ♀ 🎨✏ .......❤arthistory (my art..no filter/effects added) Trondheim Norway

"marcus aurelius"
akvarell (34×24 cm. arches coldpress #winsorandnewton )

R.I.P @minamh_artist ....
I will miss your great unique art and friendship on instagram. ....Thank you so much Mina 🙏💕
Condolences to the family..

I do'nt know .....maybee better stop before adding to much ...???... Let the brain fill out the details🤔 #akvarell #watercoloursketch 🍷🍻

Tryed to get some order in my messy vinyl collection💿💿💿. ended up with this #watercolorsketch of Lee "Scratch" Perry instead 🙃 #procrastination

"light into the darkness"
#oilonlinen my first attempt to paint with a "palettknife"/spatell 🤔..
(Inspired by the mountains and fjords in the midwest of Norway)

"Walt Whitman"
akvarell (18×24cm. arches coldpress)

"In progressss" acryliconcanvas (90×70cm)

From today, five of my works (3 akvarels and 2 collage..swipe) can be seen in a public room here in Trondheim together with other artists from the city.
The abstract painter @starwara⭐ and @ehsanrabi is two of them👍
The adress is; "Sommerstua". Erling Skakkes gate 70.

Portrait..#acryliconcanvas (2013.40×60)
A year has passed since i posted my first painting "janis" on instagram. I made this on my first and only painting course with Rune Folgerø as teacher in 2013(Tryed so hard to be photorealistic😁)Thanks to everyone for likes and support🙏 and for being such an inspiration with your art👉 no matter what style you have.. i'm learning a lot by following you 💕

"running for perfection"... #sketcbook #drawingpractice #illustration (printpencil hb.b)

#inkandwash #sennelier brou de Noix 453 (after photo in "Aearoplane" (2004). the plane is blue on the original pic.

"Empty your mind" #yoga #inkandwash #doodle

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