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Khadija Aziz  ⭐️Digital textile artist & educator; I transform images through manipulation.

A 12-colour palette for this #beadweaving project. Design (on the back) is an abstract tracing of a painting I made years ago. After I'm done, I'm going to use it to make more abstract textile art. 🙈

Sneak peak into my next loom-weaving with beads! The drawing on the left is inspired by an old painting of mine. The painting had a lot more colours but I can't wait until the long weekend is over to buy more beads, so I'm starting tonight. Also check out my Highlights for all my beadwork process shots!

I scanned my first loom-woven beadwork and I'm so happy with these new shapes! Swipe to see originals.

I'm learning loom bead weaving! I've been soaking in beautiful bead works at @textilemuseumofcanada for 8 months and I couldn't resist giving it a try. Bonus: I CAN TOUCH THE BEADS. Backdrop is part of a print I made in 2015.


This piece is making me think of all the time I'll be spending by the lake this summer 😍💙🌊☀️handwoven fabric (2017), hand embroidery in progress (yesterday).

Slow stitching today on this hand-woven sample from 2 years ago.

And here 👏🏽 are 👏🏽 the 👏🏽 artists 👏🏽👏🏽 thank you for designing and facilitating meaningful workshops for some of Toronto's most underserved communities. Thanks @yahnemirovsky, @apoorvavarma.design, @emilynorry, and @shopapanaki, (missing from photo) @fear2augment, and @thealliedavis

Some of my favourite photos from the installation of Community Voices at @textilemuseumofcanada. This really was a huge team effort- the whole Museum came together to make it what it is and I'm really grateful for that.
I learned so much from @textile_lady about collections management, object handling, and installation of textiles (thank you!). Thanks to @zmarie93 and @zileunzile for being on top of all things marketing and design, and @caitlin_hellen for social media and press release support on top of the moral support before I spoke on the microphone(!)💛.

I've been working on Community Voices since October- is this what #gradex104 feels like? Thank you everyone who worked on this and supported me❤️ more photos to come.

Sneak peak of an exhibition I'm coordinating at @textilemuseumofcanada!
Opening is tomorrow (May 8!) from 6-7:30pm, and the exhibition runs until June 30.

I've been working with artists and social agencies to facilitate unique textile-based workshops to Toronto's underserved communities. This exhibition is going to display all the work and highlight the 6 incredible emerging artists! They include: @emilynorry,
and @thealliedavis

This drawing is inspired by a bag of scrap fabrics to be used for quilting, found at @tmcvolunteers annual sale. I'm going to make a quilt out of this drawing.

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