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Kenya  MTV’s AYTO season 7🎥 For social media inquiries- samantha@cegtalent.com

I’m just gonna sprinkle samples of nothing’s until I write my own song🙃

this has been deleted 27 times but it’s here to STAY

a listener & a lover

Someone suggested I name her “kat” & bitch i am feeling!it!

If you really love them you’d get them flowers that last 1 YEAR🌹 @saayarose has the most gorgeous selection of roses that last a year long without even watering them. Valentine’s Day is around the corner & fellas I’m positive these will impress❤️! Use my code Kenya for 25% off on www.saayarose.com #saayarose #valentinesday #ad

I stopped listening 10 min ago

“Act natural”

u know the vibes I give..

Smiling cus I’m bout to FUCK this fajita up.

All leg.

You can sit with us💛
P.S- although I appreciate the “you getting thick” comments, it’s literally just the angle..I still have no ass. Love y’all.

Just here to cause controversy

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