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Makenna Pollock  university of pittsburgh | ΧΩ

still can't believe that kylie cosmetics came out with a 21st collection specifically for MY birthday wow!

Thank you Haiti for showing me the strongest, most genuine people, who's happiness was truly contagious. I'll be back ❣️

the only body of water I've seen this summer other than the schenley pool🙃

thank u Leen for introducing pizza slices into my life that are so big you have to use two plates

relaxing in only the finest of pools this summer ☀️

a little messed up but we're all alright 🤠 #kennyszn

Peters heard we were moving in next door and decided to close up shop...prob for the best

when you find out Amazon still sells tooth tunes #aRockinWaytoBrush

for everyone that voted me hillman dweller I will now be moving into mervis thank you very much

idk what I will miss more, 80 degree weather or a constant supply of taquitos

Raise ur hand if u feel like a burnt chicken nugget

Getting my daily dose of vitamin SEA!!!!! Resting BEACH face!!!! The tan lines may fade but the memories will live forever!!!!! Love spring break!!

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