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Kara  "I've been skinny, it's fucking boring." -Kate Winslet

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Happy birthday Jorge!! 🎈NYC should really hire you to be part of their welcoming committee. Anyone who sees the city through your eyes is sure to fall in love right away, no matter how many stairs they have to climb. For your present, here’s a picture of me and soft serve ice cream. I know you’ll hate it🍦Come home soon!
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[Andrea McArdle voice] I think I’m gonna like it here 🌵
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Gonna be hard to 🔝 June, the month and the books. What should I read next? #whatareyoureading

Cheers to gay dogs, confetti, updating my voter registration, and new friends 🏳️‍🌈🐶🎉
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bb’s first #nycpride 🏳️‍🌈🌈🙌
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if L00ks could kill they probably will 📸: @jwdonoso .
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Every year my dad replants grass seed in a particularly stubborn patch of his backyard. Diligently, he waters every day, seeing little to no results at first. It is thankless, seemingly fruitless work. And then one day, usually just as the cicadas start to call at night and the air gets thick at midday, the grass comes in. Strong and verdant and there all along, just waiting for someone to take enough interest. To try hard enough. To not give up, even when it seemed pointless. Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Even when it seemed like we were going nowhere, all those years we were growing. For your gift, I promise I won’t make fun of you the next time you start talking about fruit-forward wines. ❤️🌱🍷

📚Read in May📚
I also finished filling a journal.
Middlesex is a GREAT read for Pride Month! 🌈
What are y’all reading?

💚 livin la vida veggie 💚

Happy birthday Bonita! Next week you’ll have your Masters in Music, but we’ve known you were a master since you could talk. The Marianne to my Elinor, the DW to my Arthur, the awesome to my sauce. I luhhhh you ❤️🎶 #sheriffofnottingham #superpartyfuntime

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