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Kati  📍Cologne | help change the world | 05/06/2017🍒

No caption needed.

I’m afraid that what we had is gone #soulmates?¿

The hardest decision is deciding whether to “walk away” or “try harder🥀

“You just stopped caring. And just like that we went from soulmates to strangers.”

Love yourself first.
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Cheers to music for explaining exactly what we feel🌟

Dream big.

No limit in the sky that I won’t fly for ya.

Stay positive.

Drinking tea all day long with Merle 🍵

2017, a year with s lot of up‘s, but also a few down‘s.
This year was definitely the best year I‘ve ever had and it will be forever in my heart.
I reached so many goals this year,
I met Justin what was my biggest and hardest one,
I got a best friend, a real one, a friend I always dreamed of, a friend I would also call my family and I would do anything possible for.
I‘ve get to known a lot of new people, a few are already in my heart and became important for me. I realized who is a fake one and who I don’t need in my life cause they did not wanted what’s best for me.
I became closer with people I already know for years and finally call them friends.
I traveled a lot, Hamburg became my second home.
I went to Greece in summer, to Berlin as a class trip, and of course to Denmark to meet Justin. And not to forget, I went to Frankfurt for my third Purpose Tour concert and met amazing people.
This year, I just lived my life. I did what I, and only what I wanted to do. I became more confident, I learned how to really love someone aka Merle, and I learned that the happiness of the people I love, is also my happiness.
For 2018, I wish that all of you will stay healthy, happy and worriless.
If you have any goals, stop dreaming and start doing it.
Never forget: If you believe in yourself and never say never, you can achive whatever.
Lots of love to all of you, especially for always supporting me, making me laugh with your massages and listening if I have something to say. Wish you only the best.
Love to MC27

Last minute vacation 🌴

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