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kati🇬🇷  16

sleepy eyes and a mind full of you {7:30 am}

Her attitude kinda savage but her heart is gold.

Thought this was a cute group picture :)

🍯 (i'm way nicer than my face expression on this picture just sayin')


Missing Hamburg and this lil bee 🐝

Tip of the day: If they want to leave, let them. If they push you away, go. You weren’t put on this earth to to convince anyone of your worth. You are here to learn, create, flourish, love, spread love and nourish. The ones deserving of you will always make you feel appreciated.

If u listen clearly you can hear me not caring.

Never ever wanna leave for Germany again ☀️

It’s playtime🌞

If it doesn’t burn a little, then what’s the point of playing with fire?

Tell me everything you ever did, and let me love you anyways.

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