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Kate Butterworth  Writing my first fantasy novel ✍📖 Striving to live as Plastic free as possible🌎♻ ️CrossFit 🏋🏻‍♀️ Yoga 🧘‍♀️ HELLP Syndrome Survivor 🌈

When your daughter combs out your curly hair!! #curlyhair #feelingfly 😎😬

The kids love how they’re allowed to now touch spiders 🕷
After 5 years of them being told they can’t, it’s now a novelty! #aussiekids #lovenature #nofear

This weave I recently finished and is now up in its new home.🏡 DM me for details on commission weaves.
#weave #wallart #homemade #crafter

I’m not sure how anyone can look at this and think it’s ok, but obvious people do as single use plastics are still being used. Become aware, make a choice every time you buy something. Our planet should come first, live selflessly. @parley.tv
#plasticfree #saveouroceans #stopsingleuseplastic 😔🌎🐠🦈🐋🦑

It’s the new spa treatment everyone’s raving about ‘Flower-shower’ 🌸🌼💦

Glistening streams, cow pastry or hemlock, dappled sunlight, rope swing rivers and poo stick bridges, waving leaves and Cherry trees. How can anyone not love nature, it’s bursting with magic and inspiration, there is a world beyond what we can see unless you take a moment and stop. #motherearth #bookinspiration #takeabreath 🌳🍒🌎

Paul and I met here on the steps at Liverpool Street station over 8 years ago, now here we are with our best friends. #family #bestfriends #love @heybutts we did pretty well lucking out on these two dudes. Love you all more 💚

How oh how are we going to get out of here without a fight! #kidinacandystore #thisismyhell 🍭🍬

Beautiful day enjoying the summer vibes. #lovemyfamily 💚🌸🌞

Morning boxing 🥊 🤼‍♀️
Now to use the endorphins to sail on the sea of creative fantasy, and immerse myself into my other world! 🖊📖💻 #boxing #writer #imagination #sweatymess

A writers life - random places of inspiration! #workanywhere #writersofinstagram #fantasy 🌞✒️📖

Feeling cleansed from our veggie patch crops. #growyourownfood 🥗

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