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I am seriously blessed with not only an amazing family but, some of the most amazing friends. @softpoem & @inevitableand_i delivered some healing tea yesterday, knowing how sick I've been. I love you guys so much! Jenn, my love, your tea is absolutely AMAZING! Thank you, I appreciate you and all you do 💕😊 https://www.etsy.com/shop/azayahealing , stop by her shop and have a look! All her bags are hand written and the teas are filled with so much love and passion 👌🏻💚 #iamimmune

My dad flew my little brother in, to surprise the family at our family reunion! Had to dip his toes in the sand before he left 😁💙 #ohana

Maverick got those headphones on and realized he could hear himself drumming...then went crazy! He is just like his daddy for sure 💙🤘🏻#drummerboy #drums #yamaha #electricdrumkit #drummer #littledude #tocoolforschool

@simpleplan kicks off their anniversary tour! 🤘🏻🎉 Amazing show! @pierrebouvier @chuckcomeau @daviddesrosiers @seblefebvre @jeffstinco

She will always be my princess 👸🏼 I can't believe she is 8 and how fast the time has flown by. Making this collage made me so sad 😩 Happy 8th birthday beautiful girl, I love you always 💕

Afternoon at the beach with our babes 💖

The bottom photos to the top photos, are exactly 5 days apart! Wed-Sunday! My lifestyle change since last year, has me feeling amazing. I've gained so much more confidence in myself! I'm also just more positive and happier because of it. If you want this for yourself, then you have to get up and do it. You can't sit back and say "I wish" or "I can't& #34; or "I love food to much" ! All of these are excuses ! I still eat, I'm not wishing l, and I can because I'm doing it... and the outcome is amazing! So what are you wanting? Go do it 💪🏻💚💯ASK ME HOW !#Herbalife #transformationtuesday #beinghealthy #youcandoit #loveyourself #confidence #24fit

🤘🏻🥁 woohooooooo! @slimjimmydrums

New Baby 💙

Not only did you finally pull off a big surprise for the first time, you made my birthday so special! Thank you so much for everything you do, and being there for me 😊 I love you so very much! 💋

Ohana 💜

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