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Katy Selzer  Food & Felines.

I'm 28 and still trying to figure out what sets my soul on fire, but I believe I'll get there. In the meantime, I'm loving my job and trying to discover my bliss #wednesdaywisdom

I love when my honey is off work and helps me cook dinner. We whipped this up in 15 minutes! #whole30 R2D23 dinner: taco salad bar! Ground beef, greens, tomatoes, black olives, salsa, guacamole, and homemade ranch.

Look at this awesome photo one of the faculty members took during the eclipse! He used a thumbtack to poke holes in paper and placed it in front of a plain piece of paper, and held it in front of the sun. Look at the litte crescents! #eclipse2017 #eclipse #uakron #uacba

I tried making my own almond butter tonight. It could have used another minute or two in the food processor, but I kind of like that it's a little crunchy! #whole30 #healthyfats #doityourself #almondbutter

#whole30 R2D20 dinner: pan-seared salmon on wilted spinach and green beans, topped with toasted sesame oil, homemade spicy aioli, and black sesame seeds

#whole30 R2D18 dinner: crock-pot shredded salsa chicken breasts over mexican cauliflower rice and topped with tomatoes and guacamole

#whole30 R2D15 dinner! I prepared this balsamic chicken and roasted veggies while talking to my mom and dad about how to get the fryer oil smell out of my husband's work clothes. Any thoughts?

Photographic evidence that husbands do dishes too! My #mcm knew I was feeling under the weather this weekend so he spoke my #lovelanguage and performed this #actofservice for me 😍 #5lovelanguages

Loving this photo I saw on Facebook today.

#whole30 R2D15 halfway through! This week's #breakfast is a roma tomato, jammy egg, and prosciutto. Aldi has been my best friend this round, except they don't carry compliant bacon. This proscuitto is simply pork and salt - perfect for breakfast!

#whole30 R2D13 #brunch bowl: mustard dressed greens topped with skillet potatoes, leftover chicken, and scrambled eggs. And of course a giant mug of coffee and fresh cherries.

#whole30 R2D10 dinner: breakfast bowl to the rescue! Mustard dressed greens topped with skillet potatoes, sausage and (messy) fried egg

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