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Joshua Johnson  2x Overall Physique ⚔️ Supreme Sports Nutrition Athlete CPT & LMT | Fitness | Travel | Holistic Studiesॐ ⠀ ⬇️ Training EBook available below ⬇️

Beautiful day today for some circuits outside to burn fat. ⠀

Today was a push day followed by some HIIT style training cardio. ⠀

5x5 ⠀
🔻Flat bench ⠀
🔻Incline Hammer Press ⠀
🔻Strict DB Shoulder Press ⠀
🔻Incline DB Press ⠀
🔻Tricep extension ⠀

⏱Circuit 3x ⠀
20 Push-up Toe Tap ⠀
10 KB Clean & Press ⠀
5 Box Jumps ⠀
2 Sled Push ⠀

⛽️’d ⠀

Give this workout a try👊🏾💥 Training EBook linked in bio !

Some light cardio post push day.. ⠀

🔹Incline Bench Press ⠀
🔹Incline DB Press ⠀ ⠀
⠀ ⠀ 🔸Super Set Single Arm DB Press ⠀ ⠀
🔹Incline DB Flies ⠀
⠀ ⠀ 🔸Super Set KB Clean&Press ⠀ ⠀
🔹Hanging Leg crunches ⠀

20min Jump rope. ⠀



Had a blast exploring some of Oregon with my two Beautiful ladies this weekend. Learned a lot, and appreciate even more #BlessingsCounted🙏🏼☯️

Didn’t think I would enjoy Oregon as much as i did, Especially being around all the fresh green trees and the flowing waters. Beautiful trip and time with my sweetheart @nccupcake 🍂🏕⛰ #OptOutdoors #HikeLife #PacificCrestTrail #TravelPartner #DoNtGoJasonWaterfalls

Finally back home from Oregon. Such a refreshing and recharging grounding place 🌲🍃🍂


Legit we ain’t coming back. 🍂🍃

The thing about passion and purpose is that nobody else has to understand it but you. ⠀

I don’t normally repost things like this, but in my humble opinion, this whole thing has nothing to do with race, unless well, you’re a racist. ⠀

This is a great video. ⠀

When I decided I was done competing, it was for a bigger reason and purpose that I’m still figuring out. I spent most of my evolving stages of life building an image or ego around bodybuilding. Deciding to end that chapter of my life has felt like I don’t even know myself anymore. I think we all have a bigger purpose than what is skin deep, we just have to be crazy enough to chase it. ⠀

✈️Time for a much needed vacay 😂

📲Accepting in person & online clients: ⠀

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Happy Birthday to my most beautiful best friend & Lover😍 ⠀

Her mentality and soul kept my attention when we first met, and as another year of wisdom passes, her heart and love continues to be more than I could ask for. So grateful to have you in my life and learning it with you. Happy birthday Beautiful 😘👑👸🏻 @nccupcake

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