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Jason Litman  I wear many hats.

When you lie down on the couch and she's down too. She's not dead for those of you who know Hyena. She's chillllin'! 🙉

Whenever the weather heats up I go in on the fresh fruit. Can't wait to spend an hour cutting it! :/

Safety first. Only got so many brain cells to spare. #powdercoating

Finally back to a little building after the move. @vapecraftdesigns #modfather #nlpwm #smartpwmboxmods #vapelife #highendmods

She's happy, I'm happy. #thesmalljoys #dogs

USB dongle theft prevention.

I wonder if this is covered under the warranty. How the hell does a spider get inside your keyboard and decide to come right to the screen and chill there.

That's the most obvious "fuck you" I've seen yet. 😆

Now all I need is a grill. #happyholidays #home #valleylife?

Hyena test driving her new back yard. "So much room for activities".

Nothing beats a home cooked meal with family, and a view of the city while you enjoy it. #homesweethome, #airquality

Hyena says, "Not my president". Toy courtesy of mom.

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