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Jaime Carranza  North Park, San Diego, California


If you frequent the foot to play pool, you've probably had a few rounds with Gina. She bicycles in, takes off her coat taking caution to pull out a smile and some heat off that pool cue of hers. She walks over ever so gingerly to tell me about this pool tourney she found in Hillcrest @ flicks that she almost won. This ladies joie de vivre makes me smile! Especially when she specifically picks me to be her šŸŽ±partner whenever it's scotch doubles. Much props.

So ran into this last weekend coming out of Trader Joe's .. me and some other passerby were both like "I'm not even mad. Frankly, I'm impressed"..

To the victor go the spoils #USDA #Prime #Costco #Ribeye

#Meow lol

Two time blast & Aria Division Champs #Bluefoot 's very own #FootClan. Very proud of this rag tag group of misfits! #APA cities here we come.

Ice sculpture competition .. on the frozen lake with ice skating.

Furrr sure!

Top of tha mornen to ya!

It's not a bad view