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@shopacrimony doing very serious work in #nyc

Daybedding at #acrimonycreative 😴

Doing an excellent job loving myself today by purchasing a completely impractical sweater/jacket with a hood and open shoulders πŸ’―

Eating sand and chasing waves β˜€οΈ#pitted #bebeseeger

Showing up to meetings like dis ❄️

Sifting through thousand and thousands of black, grey and salt & pepper diamonds for @no3.shop πŸ’Ž

Blue sapphires before they're cut and faceted. I'll need to be rescued from this gem stone dream πŸ‘€#tuscongemshow

When you insist on creating staff profiles for everyone at @shopacrimony then realize you're part of the staff so have to do a profile on yourself #notyettho

Saturday morning dose

Rare smile spotted in @shopacrimony outtakes. There's no smiling in fashion πŸ™…πŸ»

New jewelry work for @no3.shop with this mega babe @kaitfitzy #oof πŸ”₯

Crazy jet lagged and thinking about noisette macarons at 4am πŸ’­