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Jen Taylor ➳ taylorluxe  ✦ God is Love ✦ Blessed with my husband & 2 girls •✧• I CHOOSE JOY •✧•

I like this time change, can it just stay like this!? And as the meme says, can it stop "giving parents the finger since forever!?"
•Mia's always known how to make herself comfortable!
•Can I please have Scarlett's hair!?
•Thankfully Mike manages to stay very manly surrounded by pink! 😜Also, hello amazing cloud!

Well this was one fabulous trip! A few days away bonding with amazing friends in a gorgeous place & remembering why I not only love, but really like my husband!

I always wanted a boy 😂🦋💙

Afternoon discussions...
I never want to forget these ages (4.5 & 2)! This is my favorite stage - RIGHT NOW! They are just sooooo fun, sassy, energetic, talkative, big thinkers, imaginative, hilarious, mischievous, goofy, & most importantly loving - each in their own way. I can't take how blessed I feel. It wasn't easy to get here, but I'm here. I'm living in the moment because I see how fleeting they are!

Well this went a lot better than the last time I tried working out at home! Mia, who likes to hang on me at all times, was napping & Scarlett asked for her own "Yoga Rug" and did most of the workout with me (with an Ariel wardrobe change mid-video 😜)! She followed directions really well & even knew her left from right - toddler maturity is so cute ☺️ I'm really hoping this becomes our new special time while Mia naps... but I should know better than to put that in ink or I'll jinks it! 😬🤷🏼‍♀️🤞🏻

Mike & I were invited by our pastor, Rob McCoy (on the right), to see a screening of The Shack movie a few weeks ago & we absolutely LOVED it! I'm posting this today to encourage you to go see it this weekend - opening weekend!

The Shack is a Christian novel written by William P Young as a short story Christmas gift to his family, but 2 of his friends, Wayne Jacobsen & Brad Cummings (in the middle with his wife), encouraged him to expand on the story & co-authored the book that they self-published in 2007. It has sold over 20 million copies worldwide because of its amazing story of trying to understand who God is in the midst of the hurt & pain of this world.

I had never read the book and was so amazed by this beautiful story. The co-authors (Wayne & Brad) were at our screening of the movie & did a question & answer. They explained that they understand the book has received mixed feedback, but their intention in writing it was to get people to ask themselves the question "Who is God? Is He really who I've decided He is through the hurt in my own life? How can He be perfect but there is still pain? How can He be just, but there is still so much wrong?" I'm paraphrasing his response, but I encourage you to see it because it sheds so much light on those tough questions we all have. This movie is so beautifully made, by the producer of Life of Pi & The Blindside, and beware, it will make you cry, but hopefully in a good way. I would really love to hear what you think of it!!

I've officially arrived as a mother... I am in a BUNCO 🎲 group! Mentally, I have always viewed myself as a mid-thirties woman, even at the age of 12 while still playing with dolls & taking care of my "newborn" (cabbage patch) & "toddler" (Samantha American Girl Doll) while sitting on the couch watching Saved By The Bell - I think I set myself up for failure as a mom from a young age by assuming children slept all the time so I can watch as much tv whenever I wanted. I'm also pretty sure I married Mike (whose profession is to be a kid at ❤️) just to keep myself from going grey at 30 - although that's actually a trend now so it's getting very confusing... But back to Bunco, I remember my mom playing when I was little & having so much fun at this silly, loud, hilarious game. It's been on my "Mom bucket list" ever since, along with being able to get manicures on the reg, not wearing boots with jeans (also a current trend - making it very hard to keep my goals on track), & not driving a van (you know... I'm gonna go out on a limb and just say vans are actually en vogue now so... yea I'll just leave that right there...)

This is a photo of the winners of the most W wins & most L losses. I took home the grand prize of the most losses & I'm that much of a winner I couldn't even figure out how to make an L the correct direction for a photo (I was concentrating on if I should use my middle finger as part of the L showing off my Star Wars band-aid from my macrame casualty the other night that started bleeding again in the middle of the game, but then realized that would be rude). So, overall it was a major win in my book - winner of the most losses & a Bunco career launch - this is such a great group of ladies, I'm expecting this to stick for the long haul #tenyearsplus #nopressure #anyoneacommitmentphobe ! 🎉 🎲💓

Just want to remember her little voice, great pronunciations, & constantly asking "what dis?" That is all - hope you have a happy day!! 😘😘

Well, I have a new hobby! 〰➰〰To go with my other hobby of talking incessantly while drinking wine... (insert one of Melissa's "knot-knot" jokes here, but really, it's just another mom-joke) 😜💓

We took the 5 Love Languages test & found out that Mike feels the most loved with words of affirmation (score of 12) & last on his list (by a score of a mere 2) is quality time. By contrast, guess what my highest priority is!? that's right... his least - quality time (a 12 for me versus his 2)! Do you see how this could make for a very frustrating relationship when one of us travels for a living!? 😳😜 I don't like to build him up unless I feel like we've spent a lot of time together 🙄Thankfully we took this test right before Mia arrived & had a good laugh at why we have so many stupid fights about the same thing - me finally saying "I guess I'm so mad at you because I just miss you!" 😂😂

But since this guy has had no choice but to be home for the last 3 months catching up on quality time with us while his hip heals, I owe him a fabulous love letter (which I will spare you 😉) But I would like to publicly share my favorite thing about him!

Mike is the nicest person I've ever met. I know it's why so many are drawn to him; it's because he really is that genuinely sweet - always. Which also means he's rarely in a bad mood, doesn't take things too seriously to get upset over much, always looking to make things fun, loves to laugh (& has a contagious laugh which I love), and likes to cheer people up & brighten the mood. The first time I met him (we were 15 & 16), he thought it was so cool our birthdays were 2 weeks apart that he told me he would get me a birthday present & was so enthusiastic about it. He didn't, which I didn't expect, but I remember thinking he was so sweet to even say something like that to someone he just met. Ironically he has had to make up for it the past 12 years with getting me birthday gifts... and forever more! Haha! He really ate those words! Although he does say, "I gave you the best presents you've ever received, those 2 adorable girls you love so much." Which is true. Mike, I thank you!

This photo was from a bike ride today; just a simple quality time activity I've been dying to do with him for years & it was awesome! I guess people call this 'dating your husband' - I like it! 😍

I'm so impressed with each of these girls! Such a fun challenge & we all had so much fun! Who knew this was so popular!? It seems easy until you're halfway up the highest wall & cant look down without getting scared but can't quit halfway! Repelling down was my highlight 😜

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