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Jen Taylor ➳ taylorluxe  ✦ God is Love ✦ Blessed with my husband & 2 girls β€’βœ§β€’ I CHOOSE JOY β€’βœ§β€’

Friends... @llcaseyjanell 's new house... Ojai... tacos... kumquats... my kids are cute... I'm getting bored with captions... and emojis... and hashtags... and "..." what's next kids, what's next? #probablyagoodtimetojustleaveitblank

Mother's Day (a little late) 😜
It was perfect - mostly because it was sweetly simple & because Mike started the morning off right by waking me up early to breakfast for just the 2 of outside in front of our new fountain. Then we miraculously made it to church on time πŸ™ŒπŸ» and the girls walked into service, after worship, carrying red roses for me πŸ’“ After church, we went to lunch with Mike's parents, then up to Ojai for some bike riding, park play, & dinner with my family. It was so fun to spend time with our family & to just enjoy these special girls that have taught me so much about everything!! And I love this photo of my gorgeous mama that was taken by Scarlett 😍😘

Our backyard is so close to being completed, but it's still a little chaotic. Finishing touches, grass, cleaning, & painting await us this week & we could not be more excited! 😍 We decided to escape to our favorite little getaway at Lake Nacimiento with my parents for the weekend. β˜€οΈπŸŸπŸš€β›±

We tried to be artsy since every person at this hotel looked like they walked off a runway! 🀣😜 Love you Jannine & thank you for including us on a fabulous birthday weekend for Josh! 😘😘


Birthday dinner for my fellow "33-wild-&-free" friend! Love you @stateofgolden βœ¨πŸ’“πŸ’‹

Baby Birkenstocks are killing me!

Happy Easter! πŸ°πŸ£πŸ’“βœοΈπŸ’“πŸ£πŸ°

I asked them what color the flooring should be... 😳😬😳😬 I thought I would have little designer assistants, but never mind... unless you want pink & purple glitter everywhere, don't call us!

I woke up this morning sooooo excited to see the ramp get the βœ‚οΈβœ‚οΈ. I asked Mike if he wanted to film it one last time while it was taken down & he said "no, I really don't care." (He also has a man-cold so, you know...πŸ™„) I was a little surprised he was so whatever about it! Then I started realizing, wait... this ramp is actually MY ramp! I've been the one living with it for the last 7 years - I have long forgotten (blocked out) the boys' 4 previous years of *questionable* memories. I'm the one having issues letting it go!
Mike & I dated over 5 years before getting engaged & we broke up for 2 months halfway through dating as I waited for him to get a clue it was time to start growing up... πŸ˜‘ One of our most memorable conversations about our starting our relationship again was while sitting on the top of the ramp looking at the stars drinking a glass of wine. Obviously the rest is history... And then I found alllll of these videos - and they're just the ones we've posted! I'm just so weepy (hence the music) that this big pile of wood could have brought us so many good memories... so here's to you yard-blocker... we'll miss you!
Oh, & these are in chronological order, so it's all Scarlett as a baby then Mia & Scarlett later... and the first 2 photos are both girls' newborn photo with Mike on the ramp.

Last weekend's fun with the cousins! So thankful for this family of ours 😍 I especially love watching Virgy & Scarlett's relationship bloom into a hilarious love/hate relationship... exactly like my childhood relationship with my cousin Allie! It's a bit of a flashback for us & we just sit back & laugh 😍😜😘

Sometimes I wonder if Mia really came from me & my genes... then I see those legs & ding ding ding - it clicks 🀣
We had a fabulous day at our "gym" in Laguna (the explanation of "air quotes" is a story for another day), where Mike & I got a couples massage while the girls played at the kids' zone. Then we took them swimming for a bit, where Mia just does canon balls on repeat & scarlett dives for sunken ice cream lip gloss. After swim, we headed to the Irvine Spectrum for a yummy dinner & a little carousel ride. But my favorite part of the day had to be seeing a few skaters walking through the Spectrum riiight when Mike was trying to wrangle a screaming Mia into her stroller seat while I got to watch from a distance as the skaters recognized Mike, then watched in amusement as he's in full dad-mode & then back at me watching them watch him where they threw me a knowing shaka πŸ€™. It was perfect! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ€£

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