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Jay Feldman  Traveling France with @theleague until 8-18! #matchmeinparis #theleaguedoesfrance 👨🏻‍⚕️ Medical Student 4 🌐 Serial Entrepreneur 📍New York City

Dating in 2018 in INSANE! We live our lives through ear buds, staring into our phones. In a world where it’s harder and harder to meet someone in person, @theleague had a vision to screen over 6k people for compatibility and put them together on the greatest cruise ever!!!⁣

Let me tell you... I believe in this vision. I’ve met the most amazing people of my life on this trip. I’m so honored to be one of their influencers and ambassadors. Cheers to 4 more days! 🛳🥂 ⁣

#matchmeinparis #theleaguedoesfrance⁣ #theleague

The Evolution of Medical Education in 60 Seconds! Tag a friend studying medicine 💥⁣

👶🏻Med Student: Naive and giddy, shows up to class with tuning forks and reflex hammers. Quickly realizes they will never use these instruments, ever. ⁣

👩🏻‍⚕️Medicine Resident: Spends 12 hours a day at the hospital. ⁣

🧓🏻Medicine Attending: Anyone seen the attending that wears their steth like this?⁣

🔪Surgery intern: Must have their pockets full of wound dressing and scissors at all times.⁣

🔧Surgeon: “I’m a god.”⁣

💸🏝Private Practice: “Life is good.”⁣

👨🏻‍🎓😜4th Year Med Student: What is life right now?⁣

Disclaimer: This video is intended to be funny. I am not a doctor yet. Please do not comment or message with negativity. ⁣

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This one is for all my aspiring and current medical students out there! Med school is a confusing time. Everyone tells you to do a million different things and doesn’t explain any of it!!! 😂⁣⁣
Well my good friend @iamdrcole wrote this killer book for any med student that wants an edge. It’s filled with absolute gold about each course, study methods, what to prioritize, and much more! You know I’m all about efficiency - well this is it!⁣⁣
I want you to each get a copy of this book! That’s why I convinced my friend to give away 25!!!🤯 Simply do the following and I’ll personally see to it you get one! ⁣
1️⃣ Follow @_jayfeld and @iamdrcole ⁣⁣
2️⃣ Tag 2 friends in medicine 🤗👨🏻‍⚕️⁣⁣
3️⃣ Read the book if you’re chosen!!! 😂👍🏼⁣⁣

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For the past 3 years we’ve busted our asses. Busted our asses trying to get all A’s in our classes. Busted our asses for the top scores on our licensing exams. And busting our asses to impress the doctors we work with. ⁣

Now in our 4th year, it’s all coming together. We have the freedom to work with who we want, there are no more exams, no more evaluations, just us. Watch out, this is going to be the biggest year ever! 📈😜💯⁣

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I don't get much sleep... Usually 4-6 hours per night. Its not healthy, I know. But if you want to succeed as a well-rounded medical student, that is the reality. For me, I cannot afford to waste any time tossing and turning⁣
trying to get comfortable or waking up unrefreshed due to poor sleep. ⁣

Last week, I threw away my old mattress and started sleeping on the Lull 10 inch memory foam every night. Let me tell you, I feel incredible! I fall⁣
asleep instantly and wake up every day at 6am feeling amazing. My back doesn't crack anymore and I'm not tired during the day. Do yourself a favor and invest in your sleep - it will change your life! ⁣

Get $100 off at lull.com/jay⁣ @lullbed
#ad #getyourlullon

If you’re working hard toward your dreams, remember to thank those that have believed in you since day 1. Your family are your biggest fans and most passionate supporters. Thank you @laurabkaplan_ @barriefeldman @buzzerbe33 @t.gfeld 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨🏻‍⚕️👍🏼

Today, my tire blew on my way to my test... Here's the lesson... 🚗💥
I've been studying 15 hour days for months now in preparation for this exam, and on the big day, my tire went flat on my way to the testing center. Yeah, of course I freaked out. If thats not a bad omen idk what is. But life tests you in all kinds of ways and you can't let anything throw you off track. You call an uber, get your ass to that testing center, clear your head, and slaughter that test you've been killing yourself for. And then, when you're done, uber your ass back home and change your tire! After all, I still got work to do 😉📈
My question to you! Good or bad omen? Has anything like this ever happened to you? Tell me!
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This is it… The last leg of the mile… The final push before the finish line… You get it. Some major events are happening in the next few days & I want to make sure my Instagram family doesn’t miss a thing. First, after an amazing month working with my favorite fitness brand of all time, the @trxtraining Giveaway is ending tomorrow. If you have not already entered, don’t wait! The #TRX Home2 System has changed my life this past month & I would love to see one of my friends have the same experience. The 2nd thing is my Medical Board exams are on Monday! Wish me luck, Instagram fam!
Giveaway ends 6/30. Full rules on entry page. #sponsored

Do you know that feeling when you start something and it feels like it will last forever? Well that’s how I feel now. The huge @trxtraining giveaway is nearing the end so hurry up and enter for your chance to win a brand new, FREE #TRX Home2 System. Oh yeah, something else is also coming to an end soon… my studying! I’ll be taking my #USMLE in less than a week and will be spending some quality time with my TRX straps and my #furchild!!! Enter to win by visiting the link in my bio. Giveaway ends 6/30. Full rules on entry page. #sponsored

Do you know the best part about @trxtraining ? The fact that I can come home from a long day at the hospital, hook the #TRX straps up to my ceiling or my doorway, and get a full workout in from the comfort of my apartment! Unlike weights or machinery, TRX straps take up literally no space at all and are super simple to take down and hook up. •
These are some of my favorite core exercises to do with my TRX Home2 System. They may look simple but just try it and see! It’s amazing how this suspension machine forces you to balance using muscles you didn’t even know you had. Think you’re up to the challenge? Click the link in my bio and enter to win your very own TRX Home2 System for FREE! Giveaway ends 6/30. Full rules on entry page. #sponsored

@bklyach loves to tell people the story of how we met... It was the 1st week of our 1st year of medical school and neither of us really knew anyone. We were both working out at the local gym when we recognized each other - we were both doing bicep curls 💪🏻
I don't remember who approached who but we were lifting and studying together right away! Looking back at that first week and seeing how far we've come together is surreal. We're about to take our Step 2 exams and start our 4th year. It has been the most challenging thing either of us has ever done, but having each other has made it not only easier, but kind of fun! #sponsoredbycherokeeuniforms .
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