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It’s been quite a sad/stressful/overwhelming week for me but it’s okay. I think before it was hard for me to “feel” emotions when crazy things happened to me and I would sort of just try to move on, keep busy and pretty much almost pretend it didn’t happen. That’s a horrible way to live lol it only brings me more anxiety and sadness. So I’ve made myself feel as much as i can this week; if i want to be sad, then i will be because I can, because i have the right to do so. And I’m not gonna fake a smile just so people around me don’t feel uncomfortable. I always see on social media how everyone shares their curated pages and platforms; it’s not wrong, but it can easily be a lie. And this just proves my point. This picture was taken over the summer, while I visited my sister. I was pretty happy. Tonight? I’m drinking tea, no makeup, in a sweatshirt, watching YouTube videos and being sad as hell because i miss my dog so much. I’m not sure if this was supposed to be some kind of “advice” post or anything, but to anyone who swallows their sadness, I’m telling you, take your time and feel it; it’s much healthier than keeping it in!

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” Dad hat: @paradiseplayground 🤸🏻‍♀️

Janitor vibes with @fashionnovacurve 😂💁🏻‍♀️ loving this jumpsuit, it’s perfect for fall. Plus it’s so comfy and I’m all about cozy fashion. #novababe

My sweet, sweet girl. I had to make the hardest decision yesterday to give her away. I am at peace in knowing that she’s gone to a great home with someone who needs her as much as I needed her. I’m actually moving away to California in the next few months and due to leasing issues, and other factors, i would not be able to bring her. Of course, I would never get a dog in the hopes of giving her away. I always thought eventually I’d have my own place with her running around, being the hyper, happy pup she is. The months I was with her, she helped me immensely and I know she’ll bring so much love to her new home. I love you forever, my Hazel, you’ll always be my princess.

Karma’s got a kiss for you 💋 wearing @loungeapparel 🖤

you already know I’m lounging comfortably in @loungeapparel 🖤

me in about a month ✈️🌴🌞 and thank you for 28k❤️

To the ladies with no top lip, long noses & asymmetrical faces: you cute 💕🤗 we all know that pouty lips and a button nose are super flattering and it’s pretty much all we see on IG, but that doesn’t mean your unique features aren’t beautiful. I was talking to one of my close friends about lip injections. We’re always tempted to get them because we would love to have a top lip 😂 mine disappears when i smile. Obvi I’m not against plastic surgery or anything like that. I think self love comes in all sorts. If you aren’t happy with what you got, find a way to fix it, or learn to love it (wise words from bae @nazaninkavari ) and it’s true! If you’re truly unhappy with certain features, do as you please, it’s your body. Just remember that at the end of the day, this is how you were made! Now, will I go under the knife to have a cuter looking nose? Probably not, too much money and I’m cheap. PLUS it looks exactly like my dad’s nose, so i like it because it makes me look more like him.. will i get lip fillers?? Maybeeee, but again, that’s money aaaand they look like my mom’s so i like that too. We all have these features that aren’t that represented in social media, but honestly a lot of people are starting to look the same anyway lol so let’s embrace our quirks, imma continue smiling with no top lip😂🖖🏼

Feeling exxxxxtraaa sexy in this tube top and faux leather leggings from @ftfsnaps 😍🔥 go cop your own ladies!! The peeps at @ftfsnaps were kind enough to set up a coupon code for you all: JAVIFTF .. ❣️#ftfselfie

It’s been real Seattle. Thank you for your perfectly gloomy skies & cozy rainy mornings🍂

2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 that’s 3, quick maths 🔥🔥🔥 (really hoping y’all know where that’s from) shoes: @fashionnova

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