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Javi🌺  {YouTuber} Fashion, Lifestyle & Body Positivity✨ •be your own muse• ~Email me for promotions & business inquiries~ ⚡️NEWEST VIDEO⚡️

What’s your sign? ♉️
{i posted a new try on haul, so make sure to check it out. link in bio}

LETS PLAY A GAME: finish the lyrics in the comments, line by line! 😆 🎶Drop top Porsche, Rollie' on my wrist
Diamonds up and down my chain 🎶

I promised myself that i would reach 20,000 subscribers before my birthday. I “spoke it into existence” as people say. I’ve actually never done that, but i kept that little promise to myself and worked my a** off. AND HERE I AM 😱💖 It was only in January that i had about 7k, and my YouTube family grew more and more as the months passed. I’m really proud, I’m happy i made this for myself without asking anyone for help. I taught myself to do everything: editing, thumbnails, music, how to reach more views without using clickbait (LOL).. Making videos isn’t as easy as it seems, especially actually growing a following along with it without having another social media app that’s helping you get those views. I started YouTube from 0, and Instagram from 0. I’m so happy all the effort and hard i work i put into those videos are being appreciated 💖 so thank you, from the bottom of my heart!! Y’all have an amazing Sunday, and stay mastering your craft 😉

Can’t spell cellulite without “u lit” 🤣
April 29th is my birthday ♉️ MARK YA CALENDARS, IT’S A HOLIDAY.
Who else is an April baby?? 🙋🏻‍♀️ comment your birthday and find your birthday twin 💞
#taurusseason #springbaby

It’s already past midnight in MD, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MAAAAANNNN😍 my favorite person, my love, my heart, my best friend, and favorite photographer. You already know I’m obsessed with you, so i won’t go overboard. Can’t wait to lick your face when i get home 💖

A PROUD SIZE 10,11,13 & 14 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️I don’t know if you’ve seen my latest video but i showed how i consistent sizing is and how we tend to get bummed out thinking we’re a size smaller in one store and bigger in another. I’ve fit in all those sizes before...It’s kind of impossible to know what size you really are, so how about we just don’t care anymore 😂 I’ve been told I’m too small to be plus size, too big for straight size, too curvy to wear certain clothes, not curvy enough to fit other clothes. I am a happy #inbetweenie and let’s leave it at that!! Lets celebrate all body types and shapes & can we stop worrying about what category we fit under?? Who’s with me!?🙋🏻‍♀️💖

Wow California is actually acting like herself, thanks for blessing me with some sun boo💖 summer, my dear, i miss you. What’s your favorite season??

When people tell me I’m fat
When people say i eat too much
When people say i have cellulite
When people say i got stomach rolls

Mind ya business 💁🏻‍♀️
What’s your fave food?!

GUESS HOW MUCH THIS BIKINI COST😏 also, I’m in California! Any of my followers from here?? Comment below ☺️💖 #sheingals #sheinofficial

sweat or highlight... the world may never know 😂🤔 ps: I’m aware you’ve seen these pants for the past 8472 years pero like i have no new pictures, so pls disregard. Pretend you’ve never seen this before lol.
#curvyfashion #novababe #dcnightlife #streetwear

I got ice cream so I was happy 😬🍦
what’s your favorite flavor?? I got Chocolate with brownie, choco chips and fudge 😍
#fashion #blogger #youtuber #icecream

feelin’ myself in my @goodamerican 😍😍 #goodsquad
Speaking of jeans, who’s seen my most recent video?!?

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