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verna abante  i just want one free thing. digital+brand+design+puns manager at @wearedmm

It’s the Verna(l) Equinox today.🌱 It’s the eve of #Aries season ♈️🔥 It’s a few days before my 30th rotation around the sun. 🌎☀️ I’m feeling pretty good rn ! #onewithearth

new deo for my B-O-ujee. it smells glorious @aesopskincare #PITureperfect #aesop

@marrrcy #turns30winesaboutit: mish accomplished. 🍇🍷


the @pfcandleco ’amber and moss’ candle i snagged is $16 originally $32 like whaaaaat. price soy good i almoss bought it all 🕯💸🔥 #secondssale

Desk to impress. 🤗 Swipe for a tour of my workspace/second home!!! 🌿 I love my spaceship planter v much!

Wishing we were walking through these halls again at 1 in the morning because Ms Bride Thang (@mamatoaydin__ ) needed her babesmaids to eat pizza and french fries with her in the lukewarm jacuzzi. She fell asleep. 😕 (cc: @rebecca_kaitlyn @erilalopez @monicacopuyoc @misaaasoup aCCleep: @monique_giselle @kisssstina) #committed #hakimintomylife #boracy #philippines

I will always love love. ❣️ It’s what has comforted me in every part of life—good and bad. And it has come in many forms lately: when the sun kisses my skin, when friends sit in a car with me for hours and tell me it’s going to be okay, when my parents visit and bring over home-cooked food, when my sister sends me funny memes, when i’m told “good job V”, when a puppy gets excited when I get excited because its excited, when i can travel across the world on my own to dance in the night ocean with friends that turned into family, when my best friends are sweet bb angels, when SUNDAYS happen, whenever I walk into Sephora, when yoga lets me be competitive, when I inhale and exhale and tell myself, “You are enough.” Love is a noun, verb, adjective, person, memories, you — Love is me. This caption is way too long and too serious for this v extra photo but #notnotablogger 🤷🏻‍♀️ Happy Valentine’s Day! (📷: @carissasimons)

not all days are good, but all days are mine. the best days make it to my Instagram. thanks for following me 😬

The Real Bridesmaids of Boracay: Season 1 Finale🏝🌅 Had too much fun with these beautiful babes. Love ussss. Follow us. #sisterwives

I’ve been to the Philippines many many times when I was a little girl. Very thankful my parents gave me those memories. Experiencing a different side of the PI as an adult was SO incredible and I am going to work so hard so I can do this every year 🌴🇵🇭🌴 #morefuninthephilippines #contentfordays #proud

The Hakims! These two make a beautiful couple pooorrr shoreee. 😍 I would take 2 planes, 3 buses and 2 ferries over and over again for them. Besides having you both in my life, your 🏝Boracay Wedding 🏝was the best thing to ever happen to me. Haha. Thank you for being an inspiration of love forever! Love you!! ❤️ #maamsir #wejumpedintotheocean #shouldhavemissedmyflight #sisterwives #hakimintomylife 💍💍💍

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