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youuu guyzzz! it’s been so positive, happy and fun with this yogi bunch! 💓 i love our energies and how much we make each other laugh out loud. koh samui mafia, das us. (📷: @rtamarra) #thailand #yogaretreatyoself

This is how life is S🆙posed to be. We’ve been in water 90% of this trip! Having an immersion in this element has allowed me to accept and trust the flow. Water can bear the weight of the world, be the source of life, and is as delicate as it is powerful—much like our hearts. Be kind and love yourself ocean’s deep... the way you are with others, the way you are with the world outside and inside of you. 🌊 Ps. I def fell in a few times #thailand

To infinity (pool) and beyond. 🏊🏻‍♀️ •
#thailand #kohsamui @vikasayoga

H is for Happiness
Pictured is me and my new friend, Kaho, from Tokyo 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ hanging out, upside down at this peninsula. Normal tingz.

#thailand #kohtan #yogaretreatyoself

Our Lyft’s here 🚤 #thailand #kohtan

no matter how difficult, unfair, and defeating life gets, i always turn to yoga—not to erase or fix issues, but to ground myself in accepting that I am human. it is and will always be okay to fail, to fall, to break. our souls are meant to feel good and bad. and how beautiful it is when we DO succeed, rise, and bend with every celestial part of our being... light up with joy. we are mini universes. 🌏 and right now, i feel the world in my heart and lots of mango sticky rice in my tummy. namaste. ॐ #yoga #yogaretreatyoself #thailand #kohsamui

This beach just showin awwwwfff #thailand #kohsamui

haaaaiiii from this happy lil Thaislander 🏝 so far my travel partner & best friend, @cairisti, has eaten all the dried fruit in our hotel room while mosquitoes have feasted on my dried foot lol more 2 come! #kohsamui #thailand

@glossier makes everything around it appear cuter but really just wanted to flex my fingy nailz ok now that the men have stopped reading, at midnight we RIOT 💅🏼💙

Dat blogger fish gap 🐟 #selfish (s/o to @skii essence for being the closest thing to the fountain of youth there is ⛲️👧🏻)

Find you a Boyfriend that gets along with your friends 👌🏼 @boyfriendperfume #boyfriendperfume

Hand Mermaid’s Tale ... 🧜🏽‍♀️ (Have I lost my caption punesse? Don’t @ me) #YogaEveryDamnDay #CPY #20DayChallenge #Yogattabekiddingme

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