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verna abante  no, i’m not a blogger, but am i ? brand+design+puns manager at @wearedmm

Look forward, but backpetal 😉📷: @shawnmchavez

Nice rack, @lthjkt 😏

Not not freckled 🐆

Shelf service @honeyhi

signet to win it #goforthegold #mejuri

We launched a fragrance (nbd) today because hard work & a badass team lets you do cool things like that. Ultra proud of the village it took to make @boyfriendperfume smell sexy again! Pre-sale link in bio (jk just go to the account) ✨❤️ @katewalsh @lpicarazzi @shawnmchavez @melodydarlene @gaviidemi @taychey @amylizclapper @chasemaertans @cheers_chloe @amanda.tarver @shlerbyshlerb @vinimarques @nikki_carnius &&&& the creative team. ISSA lot work but so happy to finally be here! #wearedmm

is coachella over can i go back on instagram now also saw a preview for a movie called “under silver lake” wow wtf is that

love my #everlane
not pictured: sriracha stains
don’t wear white again

when will my reflection show who i am outside

we live here “now” #tVVins #valerieandverna #thenoVV

here’s a few of my favorite things including the sold-out @tatcha silk canvas primer (which is incredible. thanks @carissasimons for it!). also... when I heard @officialbyredo’s candle scent, Bibliothèque, turned into a perfume, knew i had to get my hand on it. 💟 #glossier #dior #tatcha #byredo

Meet Beau. He is quite the gentle giant. He seemed to love adventure and was so friendly during our walk. He was rescued from a home that, unfortunately, tied a wire leash around his neck. Needless to say, they couldn’t give him the life of being the healthy, happy wolf he is today. Enter @wolfconnection —a sanctuary committed to improving the lives of abused, neglected wolf and wolf dogs through rescue and behavioral enrichment.
Beau was quick to give me lots of wolf kisses. I heard his story and wanted to shower him with endless love and fur strokes. I wouldn’t have guessed he was a victim of abuse because of his kind and playful spirit. As much as I wanted to help him, he was actually helping me—heal.
Much like Beau, I love adventure. I love playing. I love being present. I wanted to start my 30th birthday with a new discovery of myself and I found it through these eyes. I have so much to be thankful for, so much I overcame, and so much victory to celebrate. I’m excited to turn the page to a new part of my life story. The only one I got!
I thank all those who’ve rescued me and continue to fill my life with many lights, laughters, wishes, prayers and inspiration. Thank you to the pack members and volunteers at @wolfconnection for helping these brilliant creatures, while also providing life-changing counsel in humans. Howl I ever forget this?! 🤭🐺

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