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Luke Stuart  Making comics 💥 Thanks for stopping 👋 Twitter: @_Jammo_ https://www.youtube.com/user/LukeStuaArt


Jimmy...! Get out of the lab and come eat dinner with your father and I! Tell Carl to go home too, he has his own family. And you can't ever trust others to be in your lab unsupervised!! ----------------------------------------------------------- #drawing #drawings #brush #artist #illustration #sketch #sketchbook #artwork #instaart #artstagram #ink #painting #manga #mangaart #comics #anime #漫画 #コミック #イラスト#スケッチ #アニメ

We can still enjoy watermelon even if summer's almost over!

Inspired by the new Ging Nang Boyz album art!
#drawing #drawings #brush #artist #illustration #sketch #sketchbook #artwork #instaart #artstagram #ink #painting #manga #mangaart #comics #anime #漫画 #コミック #イラスト#スケッチ #アニメ

This is page 16 of 54 of the current comic project. The comic won't have this coloring, just an ecveption for this page since it looks cool. 54 WHOLE PAGES ON THEIR WAY SOON THOUGH 👀

Really quick thing, inspired by @kerokerobonito ✨ I'm out of maru pen nibs atm so waiting for those in the mail. Inked this with a crappy old G-pen nib LOL 😭 So yeah, the inking is pretty sloppy as compared to usual!

Old comic page! I remember drawing this short 5 page comic reaaaaally quickly, actually. Was made in late 2015 immediately prior to drawing my "It's Too Early, I Don't Want to Wake Up!" one-shot

How long have you been drawing? And what motivates you to draw?

Summer Memories pt. 2; "If I remember, I'd like to return to that magic place." With the conclusion of Hurricane Irma, Summer's just about totally over. That means summer romance, vacations, binge watching/reading anime and manga, spending time with loved ones,,, whatever it is - we often do things out of the ordinary during summertime. I think that's why it is special. That,,, and we can be lazy as heck if desired. But most importantly: We're allowed to deviate from our norm and grow as people. But unfortunately, summer was cut off abruptly for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. I believe in the power of human and earth energy, and I believe that we can all send positivity to those affected by Harvey and Irma. Fortunately, Miami (my hometown) was not affected much, but Key West and some of the West Coast was greatly impacted. So, for those of us Miami locals relieved by our great fortune: Let's not forget that one man's pleasure is another man's pain. I think that is true enough currently. We are celebrating over here as we assemble our lives from 70%, but we must not forget about those who are assembling from 5% and 10%. So, if you say "I can't do anything to help," you can. Just don't share stupid, heartless memes about the recent tragedies. It isnt cool, it isn't "relevant," and it is not funny. Because even though those people lost their houses, they very well may have access to the internet. What if we lost our houses and people made memes about it? We can all do our part, no matter how small. If there are donations, I know we all have a dollar. Anyhow, enjoy today! This drawing was fun to make -- figuring out what colors look good inverted and such. And also, thank you and welcome to all of the new people on here!! And a BIG thank you to @greywick for that shoutout yesterday ❤🙇❤✨❤

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