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India Stone  Make-up artist and MA student @leedsartsuni New YouTube video and channel now live! πŸ‘‡

I got a ring light for my birthday!! Thank you so much @keeleystone!! We're gonna have fun with this!! #ringlight #video #creator #birthdaygirl #birthday #iwokeuplikethis

Had a wonderful night with this loon, holding hands skating is overrated, we made a train πŸ˜‚ he could skate way better than he led on... #iceskating #bae #winterwonderland #birthday #birthdaygirl #weirdos

I've been a bit busy so only just got to posting these. I personally love these pictures. They highlight how hard it is balancing in heels when you're not used to it and because of that, make for hilarious images. I'm smiling so much on the "saved it" picture because I was genuinely having fun and was happy I was making my mum laugh so much whilst she was taking the photos, it's amazing there's no motion blur to be honest! We all stan a comedy queen πŸ‘‘ πŸ˜‰ #makeupartist #model #modelling #photoshoot #outtake #motion #falling #heels #hardlife #comedyqueen #hilarious #funny #fun #orange #gnome #fashion #fashionphotography

Is it important to have fun? Yes I think so!! In the coming week I'm going to be sharing the more fun and "unconventional" shots from the shoot I did with @keeleystone because it would be an absolute waste not to! I felt so much more comfortable when I got changed and started having fun. The black outfit was trying to fit in, which is something I don't do easily, in fact I'm not sure I've ever really done it, and that's okay! Owning yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin is far more important than bending to everyones ideals and standards. What are your ideals? Do you really feel comfortable in that outfit or situation? The camera doesn't lie, it captures everything so I'm going to be showing some of the non serious images that predominantly made up this shoot! Hope you all enjoy it! ❀️ #fun #confident #comfortable #makeup #model #makeupartist #photoshoot #photography #colourful #beauty #makeupbyme #glam #selflove #selfconfidence #plussizemodel

Nice to have a nice photo with my brother!! #sequindress #showstopper #brother #siblings

She's better behind the camera....
Congratulations!! So proud of you and what you've achieved this year!!! PhD next yeah?

I'd like to open a discussion as part of research for my degree. About a week ago I posted these photos of me; one with absolutely nothing on my face and one with a substantial amount of makeup.

I'm very confident walking around with nothing on my face and when we shot this, I was still recovering from jetlag, change in diet and change in climate.
The other is how I personally would never wear makeup but I see a lot of it online, especially Instagram and can be known as "instaglam". I posted extra, close up ones to see what reactions it would bring without a leading statement.
In real life I found it quite shocking how I looked and even my mum who was watching me do it said "this doesn't even look like you" and we are both very used to how makeup can change how a person looks.
I'd like to know people's honest opinions on/between the two, whatever that may be, you don't have to be polite. Would you post a no makeup selfie and feel as confident? Would you even walk around with no makeup on? Please leave a comment below!

#discussion #getinvolved #thoughts #whatdoyouthink #nomakeup #makeup

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