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FIDE ET AMORE  ▪ (eye•yan),📍CA ▪ 🍉📸🍭 ▪ #iMakeUdrool with my #foodfeels ▪ Inhale problems, Exhale solutions

It's #PSLszn and The Great Pumpkin is coming.

A bunch of these and Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheddar sound so ideal right now.

Watching the progress of the reconstruction of my Caucasian house.

Yesterday's trip with The Shutterbugs bka me walking around my fake property in my house robe

Malibu Mornings

#fbf post, yet current mood

Me, humble-bragging and now serving - #ubechamporado (purple yam + Okinawa purple sweet potato porridge) || EDIT: Purple Porridge

Will I ever get tired of experimenting with ube as a flavor for my creations?

👀 on the prize

Getting some air when I'm feeling/getting choked up.

I shared my letter for her in front of an audience, which caused a few sobs here and there. It took a while before I was able to muster up the courage to do so and regardless of the blurred instances from welled up tears, I'm glad I did that. Rest In Peace, Ina. I love you so much, always. ❤️

Writing my last letter for her vs. Me trying not to cry

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