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Mohammed DunDun  Ribbf Men's Physique 2017🥉 GPC Powerlifting 2017 🥈 Assets Model Influencer 📸 Sc-DunDun92 Sudanese/Irish🇮🇪 YouTube👇🏼👇🏼


When N.W.A started lifting😂 🏆🥇🥈🥉🏆
RIBBF nationals what a day!!High standards all round, good banter, serious donuts. On to the next one 🏆💪#Ribbf #akafitness

One with the Ribbf national champ @cmc_fitness🏆🏆🏆 This beast always makes me look small😅😅 #Ribbf #1stplace #3rdplace #akafitness

Half way through prep (4 weeks in) my coach @akafitness said "mo your going to have to suffer for this". Believe me I suffered for 8 weeks and it wasn't pretty. Questioning myself daily why I'm doing this? Is it really worth it? Should I just quit now and end it all? This moment right here justified everything. It washed away all doubt and made it worth every bit of suffering 🏆 That saying "nothing worth having comes easy" couldn't be more true👌 #mensphysique #AkaFitness #calvesloading

See that smile. That's the smile of a man whose been well fed😁😁#postcomp #pizzagains #messyhotel

At this point life was great, just finished competing, had a nice Chinese, some whopper donuts, just fresh out of the shower and dressed. 2 hours later I was in a serious food coma after a heavy @dominos overload 🍕🍪. Body couldn't handle the carb load, spent the night sweating and puking it all up till 8.30am🤢🤢 What does Moe do? The exact same thing the next day😅😅 Moe = 0 VS Food Coma = 2

And there you have it we got 3rd place in a tough line up the nationals🥉🏆 The past 8 weeks I've put myself through hell to get this. Doing sickening amounts of cardio, on extremely low calories going down to about 1000calories for 2weeks just to get in condition in time. Going through prep can be horrible at times but the end result makes it all worth it. I'd like to thank my coach @akafitness who mentored and thought me more than i know, To everyone who've helped pushed me through this prep and every one that supported me along the way. It really means a lot to me I'm grateful for all of it🙌 Next up the Europeans, for now it's time to enjoy some good food and grow💪 #mensphysique #3rdplace

Got a seriously sweaty pump and after a half hour of posing at 1am . First layer of tan came off and went straight to the calvins along with a few😅😅 waters been cut out since yesterday so very dehydrated, haven't carbed either because I'm still holding on to good size. That could change tho in a few hours and I might need a refeed depending on how I'm looking. Time for more posing and then rest for a little bit check in with you's soon✌️#showday #akafitness

Less than 24 hours to go till showtime. Most people competing tomorrow have loaded up with carbs at this stage but I've to keep them low till the morning to see how things are looking. Steak and eggs for breakfast, maybe a burger if I'm lucky😝 Feeling flat, weak and worn out but were nearly there💪💪 #Ribbf #mensphysique #AkaFitness

Transformation Tuesday.
Show day(June) vs 6 days out from RIBBF. I was actually leaner days before the last show, I over spilled(carbed up to much) and looked a lot softer on show day😐Made some key changes this time round with @akafitness. Weight training stayed the same(mainly supersets),cardio was upped, calories were dropped and things started to fall into place. Up until a few days I felt and looked like crap but coach said trust the process and that's exactly what I did, Bring on Saturday💪💪 #mensphysique #transformationtuesday

You know your grafting right when you get the tapered look👌 Only took 10year but we here now😎💪 #nutritioniskey #akafitness

Wrapped a quick arm session with some stair master work before heading down to watch the Nabba nationals. Some serious physiques on display. Congrats to everyone who competed. nobody sees the blood sweat and tears it takes to step out on stage🏆🏆 #StillGrinding #StillGrafting #akafitness

Transformation Tuesday.
15th August - 23rd September
5 weeks, 4 days apart.
Left pic: Back training 2 weeks after coming out of hospital and not training for a month(doctors orders not mine). I'll be honest here not being able To train for weeks left me depressed and down for a long time. Done and dusted now tho💪
On the right: how's things are looking now after buckling down and doing a serious amount of high volume training, torturous amounts of cardio and a lot flexible dieting(that's changed today)!Trying to bring a better package before things went south👎🏼
Few other differences there if your still reading(nice one)👌
Pump vs No pump.
No filter vs Filter.
Bad lighting vs Good lighting.
No calves vs Still no calves.
Funny toes vs Fresh crepes.
#Grafting #akafitness

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