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Mohammed DunDun  GPC Irish Nationals 2017 2nd🏆 👻 DunDun92 📽 Youtuber 👊 Boxer 🌠Sudanese/Irish🇮🇪


Transformation Tuesday.
2016s worst to 2017s best condition.
Broke my balls to get to that condition. Training 3 times a day for a month while fasting during Ramadan thought me were all tougher than we actually think. Our minds give up 10 times faster than our bodies do(figured this out on the stair master thanks @akafitness 😅).Had a break the past weeks, bodies rested, heads fresh its time to work. Better package, same year let's do this 💪💪 #transformationtuesday #backtowork

The key to a mans heart is good food and by good food I mean big greasy juicy burgers and fries🍔🍟 #throwback #postcomp #foodcoma

Two month transition.
The Secret trick?

I wasn't really on the phone, my battery was dead and nobody wanted to talk to me. I just did it for the gram📷 #LetsJustBeHonest #LetsJustBeReal

Some Monday motivation up in this bish💪 #tellmeboutthatchestpump👀

Boys 2 Men. 20 years later still the same, just a bit older, a few grey hairs, a few less hairs, a few broken bones, the same attitude, no babies and our mums are still the only woman can put up with us👌😂 #Brotherhood #EidDay

Here's a Throwback to the @ukbff_official London S.E championships with my bro @saeed.khazal taking first place in men's physique 🏆😎 didn't place, was too big for the category but still loved being on the spot light attempting to pose holding that mannequin smile for 15minutes 😅 can't wait to get back up on the stage in men's muscular physique💪 #WhatADay #smiletillithurts .

Transformation Tuesday. .
In a Relationship vs Single.
7 weeks apart.
Lads If your in a relationship and look anything like the pic on the left you know what to do👟There's a reason she's bringing over those those dominos cookies after work every night and its not becuase she loves you🍪😂 PS I wasn't in a relationship #IWasOnlyBuzzin #ItsAJoke #WhySoSerious #ThoseCookiesTasteSoGoodTho

It's not a Thursday here's a throwback anyway. Didn't end up competing Sunday. Got very sick the last week leading up to the show that left me in a state where I couldn't train at all until yesterday for the time. I'm not one for sulking or crying about my problems but had a moment of weakness, got depressed for a while Feeling like all the work I put in the last few months went down the drain. Snapped out of that buzz quick enough, told myself these things happen, booked a one way flight out of Europe, jumped on the plane and the rest is history. Its not the end of road I will be competing again. I'll be back when i feel I'm good and ready but for now i'm putting the feet up and enjoying life😎😎 #LifeIsWhatYouMakeIt #itsnotover

The famous "catch me while i pretend to be looking at something important" when really I just need a good pic for insta before I get a smack of bus🚌😎 #LetTheTruthBeTold #Shareefknows

Ramadans over!
It was good while it lasted but I defo won't be missing the 19 hour fasts, the 4am bed times or the hourly trips all night to the toilet from all the water😅 Eid mobarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters and to every one else have a great day😁😁 #eidmobarak #8days out

Just me and @erkojun with some guy @benradix who looked like he could the two of us for breakfast💪😂 #flexfriday #bodypower

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