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Mohammed DunDun  FlyeFit | Myprotein 👻 DunDun92 📽 Youtuber 👊 Boxer 🌠Sudanese/Irish🇮🇪


You know your neighbour loves you when she bakes you a whopper cake🥊🎂
Thanks Shelly❤️
2 slices And I called it at night couldn't hack doing anymore cardio😅
PS this was 2 days ago✌️
#birthday #cake

Brought up the tempo again.
Switched up steady cardio for a heavy session with Pro Boxer Davy Joyce.
Full links on YouTube don't forget to subscribe✌️
No need to say it @yahyabuisir killing the edits and
@el_shareef_ on the 🎥 🔥🔥

Taking it to the next level with @jamiegoonery💪💪 Full links up in the bio up top go give it a watch and subscribe✌️
@yahyabuisir on the edits💯

It all starts with a solid foundation #abwork

Throwback to 10 minutes ago.
Carb depletion at its finest.
82.5kg on the scales just before bed.
Seeing great changes after switching up my diet the past few days. Holding less water, less bloated, cravings are at an all time low an energy levels are up again👌 #TBT

Abs Check✔️✔️
#SayMashAllah #KeepGrinding

11 week transformation and this is where we're at. Diets been very flexible, Carb cycling the whole way through focusing on hitting macros regardless of the source of food up until yesterday. Bringing up the tempo a bit more, dropping calories by 350 and having 90% whole foods. Planning on doubling these results over the next few weeks. #SayMashAllah #transformationtuesday #fattofit

Current state of affairs...
Haven't seen much change over the past 2 weeks and looking in the mirror every 5 minutes hoping to see better results isn't good for the head. Going on a salmon, turkey and green veg diet for a few days to try speed up the process. #wishmeluck

Easter Sunday was spent well,
Switched the usual bank holiday session for a leg session, the Easter egg for a white chocolate @fulfil_nutrition protein bar and the alcohol for a @noccoireland drink. It's all about them choices.
PS hard drive problems are delaying the vlogs. Be up soon🙌 #SayMashAllah #HappyEaster

Cardio and lower calories are the recipe to getting leaner and feeling like crap at the same time. Any one who tells you cutting is easy is talking bull💩. #Itwillbeworthit #keepgrinding

Put in heavy duty work today with @jamiegoonery followed by an intense HIIT session that left my head spinning 😅 Vlog will be up tomoro on the channel go check it out👌 #flexfriday #keepgrinding

11 weeks into this cut today and honestly feel like crap. Energy levels are the lowest they've ever been. Literally forcing my self through every session now and feel like quitting but that's not an option. Told my self 6 months ago I'm bringing a whole new package into 2017 and that's exactly what I'm going to do. That saying "nothing worth having comes easy" couldn't be truer. #keepgrinding #nostoppingnow
PS new vlog with @simeonpanda up on the channel go check it out👌

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