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Mohammed DunDun  FlyeFit GPC Irish Nationals 2017 2nd🏆 👻 DunDun92 📽 Youtuber 👊 Boxer 🌠Sudanese/Irish🇮🇪


Ramadan day 1, went to Nando's for Iftar and messed my macros, nearly had heart failure😯😯 Vlogs dropping tomorrow go hit that subscribe button and stay tuned✌️✌️#ramadan2017 #Fasting

So Ramadan starts tomorrow 😁 Going to be fasting(no food or water) for 18 hours every day. Spicing it up a bit with another 30 day NO CARB challenge✌️Dropping a new series on the channel make sure to subscribe it'll be worth the watch 🎥 #SayMashAllah #ramadanmoubarak #nocarb #seethatrightcalf👀

Caught up with big boy @nelsonlopespt at bodypower after he munched on a few @fulfil_nutrition bars🍫👌😂 Tensed so hard I couldn't smile for the pic so I don't look like tiny Beside him😅😅#bodypower2017

Getting dangerous in the kitchen these days🥑🍖🌶 #ChefDunDun

7 Day Transformation in Malta 🇲🇹 Last Monday vs this Monday(yesterday)
Probably the most chilled and relaxed few days I've had all year. Stress levels have been at an all time low and the bodies been responding well.
Eating good all week courtesy of @eeetwell having mainly chicken, beef and lOADS of veg/salad. Still enjoying foods I like having crisps, bars, fulfil bars, ice creams, wraps, cheese, bread and more (All macro counted). Cardio's been a Nice steady walk every morning (60-90minutes) depending on how I'm feeling. Haven't so much as stepped any where near a scales(THE ENEMY), simply going by How I looked in the mirror. I'm not done till I have abs like my bro @nicolasiong 🙌 #transformationtuesday

What a day for it🏖🍹 Eating good, Living good😎
#Eeetwell #stjulians

Hanging knee raises and ab roll outs for that deep core stretch. 4 sets of 15 each leaves your abs burning! Try it out and let me know how it goes. New vlogs up on the channel check it out and hit that subscribe button✌️#buildingbricks

Food shopping✅✅
Lost my camera in the park last night hopefully a Good Samaritan picked it up and hands it in Ya Rab🙏 Until then the GoPro and IPhone are going to have to make due.
PS new vlogs up on the channel go give it a watch and hit that subscribe button real quick👀✌️

It's not groggy season. #Malta

Work under construction👷🏾⛏ #Malta #SundayMotivation

Striking up a conversation and calling me "brother" while using the urinal right next to me isn't what I'm into "brother"☕️👎🏼 #legday #veins

Yep it's another photobomb 😂😂
New Vlogs up on the channel, link in the bio go check it out and subscribe✌️✌️#FridayFever

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