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  Amateur cook 👩🏾‍🍳 Experienced eater🍴 Always in search of good food ⠀ 🙅🏽NOT another 'Hype' Foodie

Refined, elegant and thoughtful fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisines. Nothing garish or obvious about @angelina.dalston and exactly why I enjoyed this meal so much... small things like the way the sashimi (they call it ‘crudite’) is cut and the flavours used in the vinegars and oils made it a refreshing and delicious meal. Stand out dishes for me were Unagi Risotto (swipe 👉🏻) and Sweet Prawn with Rosemary and Dried Rice - both part of the 5 course day time tasting menu

Quintessential ‘this-time-of-year’ food and completely comforting. Butterbean and Cavolo Nero Soup with Truffle Oil and Paprika Skirt Steak. Inspired by one of my favourite soups - Portuguese caldo verde 🥣

MVP for the third year running is still the beetroot + lemon thyme 🍩👅@crosstowndoughnuts

Red is the colour of love, but more importantly... it is the colour of LASAGNE 😍 aka melted cheese on complex carbs aka my one true love 💕 An early Happy Valentines/Galentines/Palentines to all you (lasagne) lovers out there 😘

I first learned to eat vinegared anchovies in Spain, where they are known as Boquerones, and have loved them ever since. These are a beautifully dressed Greek version from old but gold @mazilondon in Kensington. OPSO is good but Mazi has stood the test of time and is therefore among the best, if not THE best, Greek in London! 🇬🇷🐟

Two of my favourite things: Toro (Tuna) Sashimi & Truffles (White, Alba) 🤤

Me + Lobster Pasta: name a more iconic duo

Steak Tartare with Marmite and Grape Mustard at @dandoherty_ gastropub in Marylebone. Very nice indeed 👍🏼

Delicious, nourishing salads and KOMBUCHA ON TAP 🤘🏽 Salmon Cobb Salad, Forbidden Rice and Steak Bowl, Spicy Aubergine with Cashews and “Festive” Kombucha all made for a great last meal in Vegas (worth venturing away from the strip to Summerlin to feed yourself and your soul with something that isn’t deep fried and covered in cheese 😂🙈)

Queso Fundido (AKA dish of bubbling, delicious cheese) of dreams before a great night out in downtown Vegas 🤤🤤🤤

@hattiebs famous ‘Hot Chicken’ was pretty darn good.... Crispy skin ✅ Juicy Meat ✅ Seasoned perfectly ✅

As always, pre-flight pit-stop yesterday at @caviarhouseprunier for a glass of bubbles and a Prawn and Avocado salad with flecks of caviar and juicy cherry tomatoes. I don’t know how it happened but making time for a bite and some fizz from these guys before flying has become a pre-flight ritual of mine and it means that no matter how crap the airline is I’m flying with (*cough* Ryanair *cough*) 👀 I’ll be in a great mood boarding my flight.

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