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Mounir Houmou  London | Dubai | Morocco

Teaching the young ones critical thinking abilities just with the game of chess for later tools in life.

Have patience, work hard! It's all worth it. Its possible to live your dreams. I took a ride and I was reflecting and asking myself some questions as I begin to look at the future, I began to look at things this past year, did I achieve the goals I set out to achieve, did I get out of 2016 that I wanted. What things I did that I didn't want to be a part of my life, Guess we all need to ask these kind of questions, this is the best time to do that. Wishing you all the best for 2017. ☺

You must be willing to do the things today that others wont do, In order to have things tomorrow that others wont have, You have to discipline yourself for 2017, Make it a major force this year, Who admits that if you was to be more disciplined last year you will be further a long to reach your goals this year. The Future belongs to those who prepare for it today its that simple, hard bit is just getting started and using your discipline to stick to it. Like my African Royal brother said "A wise man never knows all, Only fools know everything".

Say goodbye to 2016 now its time to stretch yourself, become a risk taker for 2017.. Raise the bar on yourself. I said to my kid if you don't follow your dreams who else will. Enjoy the little things in life, when my kid was swinging I encouraged him to swing as high as he can and don't be afraid to fall. Lesson for all of us this year.

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