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  based on a skinkitty.

we were the strugglers. the few built to survive. we’d weather the worst of storms. a little beat-up, but ready for another go... we’ve never been quite good enough for the best. yet we’ve always been ready to settle for second/third best, cause we knew that we never truly deserved the best... we humbly picked at the leftover scraps and never complained about the world we made for ourselves. fuck man. i’m gonna miss you terribly. i know you can’t read or see this... but you were a true friend in an empty world. my heart is broken. i can’t say i’ll ever trust, confide, miss or love another human like yourself. come see me soon. let me know it’s ok. 💙
#bier_run #shrimpdick_bierone #youdeservedbetter

✨🙏🏼💙✨remembering warm sunny days with my good homie @life_of_kreech who left this earth today to become one with the stars, and raise hell at the pearly gates.😼
i can clearly remember shortly after i first rescued horus, and came across the Kreech account. i immediately knew what needed to be done. so began the @_horus_risen_ page. Kreech being a huge influence. the true OG skinkitty Godfather!! nothing but love and respect to Kreech, The Cult Life & all the sphynx family. #kreechforlife

the darkest hours of any day, is the few hours in the early morning, when literally every and all local stores/gas stations are closed. with nothing but your #partylust driving all avenues in search of supplies.. gettin high with the homie @p_lust in a alleyway. #partylust #ladieslovehorus #streetart #wheatpaste #pasteup #graffiti #sphynxart

happy #caturday 😸
here’s the 3rd picture i took of horus on the night i got him.
not gonna lie... a little bummed i missed the 2 year anniversary for the @_horus_risen_ page.
just kinda in a bit of a slump right now, but it’s all coming around. looking forward to some up-coming road trips, meeting some new peeps/skinkitties, hopeful passport travels 😎, an up coming sticker run with brand new collab images from @1n54n3_79 @lb31415 @ritualcxx @chomz_pdx @shi.chimi and also a up-coming fund raiser i’ll be doing for @_horus_risen_ annual heart scan, so i can continue to monitor his little skinkitty heart murmur. ✨🙏🏼💕✨
#horus_risen #skinkitty #thedailycreep #catsinsweaters #sphynx #sphynxcat #hairless #hairlesscat #ownedbyasphynx #sphynxofinstagram

heard they're down to sponsor the first 100 "hella active graffiti writers" with free handkerchiefs. 😢
#fuckingstoked #boycotthm #boycotthandm #boycottyourface #graffiti #vandalism #streetart #freeart #graff #fiction

congrats to @rainthity503 for winning a bunch of horus bday swag. super thweet. ✨🚀😸✨
ill send you a dm. thanks to everyone for all the messages and spam 🙏🏼

it's kinda sorta horus' bday today. not sure his exact date. so tag someone/yourself/your uncles ukulele Motley Crew coverband, or just leave a comment/emoji/spam, and horus will randomly pic a winner tonight. get cha a @_whups Large mis-print t-shirt, a juicy mop from the homie @wick_oner and a grip of stickers from all the homies... i'll toss in some bluetops from the homie @kyleconway_ too.

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