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It’s always Halloween for me 🦇🎃⚰️These AMAZING vintage Halloween Mickey ears are from @happiestearsboutique 🖤✨

• P R I M A R Y • (Inspo- @linabugz)

thank you @goodietwosleeves for the coolest hoodie I own 😎🙏🏻

need 2 get my nails done 💅🏻

1 • 02 • 18

I love taking photos with Sarah. And doing everything. The food at Casa Bonita was especially bad tonight, but the arcade was especially glowing. More nights like this in 2018.

This was the hardest year of my life, and the biggest year of growth for me. 17 things I learned in 2017-

1. Sometimes you can’t change someone’s mind. Respect that everyone has an opinion, and sometimes it might differ from yours. And that’s okay.
2. You don’t have to smile and say “thank you” every time someone compliments you. Especially if they scare you.
3. You are the company you keep. It is okay to remove toxic energy from your life.
4. It is hard to do almost everything with acrylic nails.
5. Sometimes you may feel too sad to leave your bed. Give yourself love.
6. No matter how badly the toxic part of your brain wants you to, try not to concern yourself with people that upset you. Block them out.
7. Busses are miserable. Save up to fly.
8. It is tough to say goodbye when someone close moves away. Put them first and be happy that they are living where they want to.
9. You notice how much your thigh jiggles when it’s tattooed.
10. Being in love is beautiful, but it takes strength.
11. Seeking help when you have dealt with something substantial and toxic is the best move you can make for yourself. Listen.
12. If you feel unsafe where you are, you need to change it. No one will look out for you like you will.
13. Try. If there’s something you’ve wanted to do all your life but you’re scared of “not being good enough”, just try it. You may find more success than you would’ve imagined.
14. Being tall means you get noticed. Tattoos mean you get noticed. Doing your makeup means you get noticed. But you are NOT asking for harassment. Don’t change what makes you feel confident because someone is trying to steal the power from you. Be strong.
15. Puppies don’t like sweaters.
16. You still look pretty without makeup.
17. You will be okay.

My favorite memory of Dallon was meeting him for the first time at AMPLYFi. I will never forget how kind and welcoming he was to me and everyone who came out to the show. We all wish you nothing but the best for @idkhow in the new year ♥️⚡️♥️⚡️♥️ #dallonweekes #thankyoudallon

I’m editing videos all day. I am nervous. I edited out a lot of sneezes. Stay tuned ~

This ones 4 u, @pusheen 🥀

Thanks, @dejapins for these lil cuties 🖤🖤🖤

thinkin about Christmas cookies 🍪

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