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lizzy coleman  university of utah || environmental science and sustainability studies - 2018 || kappa kappa gamma

So turns out I can't put good music to the video because Instagram doesn't like music that is copyrighted so whatever but any-who, into a different problem. Beware the ridiculous long post to come so if ya don't want to behold the beauty that is this birthday post turn back now and wonder what the crap this post is about. I know I should have posted this at a reasonable hour and probably on Sunday because that's when y'alls birthday was but HAPPY BIRTHDAY @malynnamaloo16 and @makennamagoo12 (Kenny, can't wait for you to get back btw) ❤❤❤ you're so old!! Thanks for setting the bestest friend bar so high because I definitely would not have made it through much of my life without you guys. You guys are amazing and are such an inspiration❤ Can't wait to count the new wrinkle on your faces (total: 20 now😂😉😘) Carry-on besties and have a wonderful birthday week!! ❤❤❤

I've spent a lot of time outside recently and sometimes while I miss a good shot of the moon, I can finally see the stars. Sometimes you just gotta step back and enjoy the small things.

Can one have too many Cyd appreciation posts? I think not. Hey friend!! Thanks for loving the Flash as much as I do!! Okay, carry-on 🍔

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.

I told Cyd to use my glasses to look at the top of the mountains, and she said she liked the mountains frosted tips. #JustCydThings

It's just one of those nights🌚🌝

Hey Moon 👋🏼 Hey Jupiter 👋🏼 Hey Spica 👋🏼 #VirgoStarCluster

I don't really remember when I took this but our world is beautiful.

The lions mane was calmer today, but I was sporting some major Mia Thermopolis locks yesterday. 🦁 #PrincessDiaries

Currently all of the books I'm reading. #ChangeOfMind 📚#OpenMind

I got too excited to post this photo.. it's my twins birthday tomorrow ❤❤❤❤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH, YOU'RE REALLY OLD #friendsinmountains 👯

Life is hard but what a time to be alive💕

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