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Tony Kern  Some princes don’t become kings, even at the best of times I’m out of my mind! Etsy shop: hoapart.etsy.com


This is the face of our future. They are what is important and will carry out the change that the current generations are trying to foster! I love the amount of children I saw at the march today. I love the way everyone made us, and every other family feel welcome; do you see a stark contrast between a peaceful march fueled by love and the desire to include, and be included, and one that is fueled by hate anger ignorance and bigotry? Think about that when you go to vote in the mid terms this year. Think about who you think will govern fairly, for the people, not against them. We have a diseased government full of those who tell you they are looking out for everyone in one breath and at the same time sign documents aimed at boosting their own status, and fulfilling the promises they made out of their own self interest! We need change, this is change, this is democracy; I heard that said a lot today, now let’s see if we can take that message out of the streets and into the voting booth! Don’t let this country fall to the darkness and hatred that so many oppressive people would like to see take hold; volunteer, vote, change the world with your voice! Email your politicians, call the people you can everyday, these things are not a distraction, they are the most important thing in our lives. Don’t loose the fight to apathy, they want that, they hope we loose faith in our systems, they want us to feel like the fight is over before it’s even really begun! Fight forever, and raise children who know the importance of fighting for what is right so they can continue to do it in your place when your gone! I’m proud of the way everyone helped us show Aria, Aiden, and Cash that our voices are heard and important, no matter who we are or where we come from or why we are here! Love will trump hate! Love still wins! Fuck everyone who says differently! We have the lower to make change, every single one of us! I’m filled with such hope and love for my fellow humans today, let’s keep it going forever! #chicagowomensmarch #womensmarch #womensmarchchicago #loveswins #fightforchange

I want my daughter to grow up knowing that she is every bit as powerful and every bit as important as anyone else. I want her not to see people as female or male, just as people. We are all equal, no matter what you think, no one person is entilteled to better treatment, nor are they entitled to more advantages than another! I look out into this world right now and I see so many people reacting out of fear, spewing out hatred that makes no sense, and furthers the human race toward destruction. It is up to people like Aria, and her brothers, to make sure that the future is brighter than the present. But to make sure that is possible, we as parents mush guide them with a steady, gentle hand toward equality and enlightenment. If you can’t see the flaws in the ideas that men are somehow better than women (seriously on what grounds???) then I weep for you, you miss out on so much because you are ignorant and full of fear. Tomorrow we are bringing our children to march in the #chicagowomensmarch I want my boys to see how powerful women are, how important the issues surrounding them are, and I want them to see that they also will have a part to play in making a future where everyone is recognized as important and equal. I want Aria to see how truly incredible being a woman is, how powerful she is, and how many people are fighting to make sure she continues to be free to be the amazing person she is! Women; you are amazing, you are ferocious, you are kind, and caring, and I am in awe of how much fight there is in you all, I am just dumb struck by all the powerful women in my life! @suziqzikern @mabgraves @roni_rose_photography (who took this beautiful photo) @brettmanningart @anndanger @lovliest.bones you all inspire me, and touch my soul in ways that I never saw coming, even to those of you who I don’t know in “real life” seriously I’m just blown away by your abilities and your kindness and love for your fellow humans! I tagged you all specifically because you all personally are helping show Aria the way toward being a powerful woman! Thank you so much for being a part of her life! #ariaisaboss #womensrights #equality #chicago

Who else absolutely loves The Land Before time?!? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️. This was such a fun piece to put together, I can remember the first time I watched this movie, on the VHS that I got from Pizza Hut way back when that was the jam!.... and now I feel super old 🤦🏻‍♂️🤓🦕🦖💗. Thank you to everyone who has ordered commission work from me! These pieces have been so inspiring! This piece will also make an appearance for people who support my Patreon! An exclusive giclée print version of it will be the second release for the people who select the Hoapful Print Club reward! Hit the link in my profile to check out all the sweet reward options, and help support my mission to bring more art to life, and to help teach others what I know! ✌🏼😍🖤👻 #becomeaghostrealmer #ghostrealm #landbeforetime #littlefoot #dinosaur

I promise that I am not gloating, I just really want to show my excitement for, and appreciation of artists that inspire me, and that I am lucky enough to have formed bonds with! Take @brickillustration here, he’s amazing, it’s shining through clearly in everything that this package he recently sent to me had in it! Seriously take it all in, this Guy is made of talent. I’ve talked with him about work ethic and trying to make it in a tough world! He’s doing his thing and he’s doing it well, he’s betting on himself and it’s paying off, as well it should, cause he’s amazingly talented 🎉. Thank you Ben, you are so kind and generous and seriously I can’t get over how much I love everything you create. I’m so happy to have this original piece in my collection now, and I’m diving head first into your book as we speak, it’s incredible! Please do yourself a favor and check out his page @brickillustration, it’s full of inspiring work and so much more! 🖤🖤🖤
#benbrick #brickillustration #cowboys #comics #comicbookart #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #vintage #oldschool #animation #archiecomics #riverdale #inspiration #luckyme #stickers

So much love went into this piece, and I hope that shines through! @nikikratz_art you are a absolutely wonderful soul, and I cannot thank you enough for commissioning this from me! Not only did you pick one of my favorite artists of all time (Freddie your voice is epic, and you will live on forever in the memories of countless people!) but you also let me go with it, in any way that I saw fit; that was truly a wonderful gift to give to me. Thank you so much to everyone who has complimented this piece as I have been slowly creating it, it’s been a weird piece to work on, I love the subject so much that every single thing I added I scrutinized, I wanted it to be perfect (I fell short in my eyes, but we are our own worst critics 🤷🏻‍♂️🖤). I hope you guys enjoy this piece! It will make its way into my Patreon in a very exclusive way (the giclée print club!) soon, so if you haven’t checked my Patreon out head on over to see what it’s all about 😘👻. #ghost #ghostrealm #tribute #chicagogram
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Night owls 🦉 unite! 🖤👻🖤 So here’s something I don’t normally post, a selfie. I don’t actually take many... almost none... cause I’m terribly vain and never think I look right in photographs 🤷🏻‍♂️🤪 #overlyhonest #vanityissues #imbetterthanthat #butsortanot.... Anywho, hope y’all are happy wherever, or whenever, you are at the moment. Thank you for all the love and support you showed me today, and every other day 😘😘😘👻🖤. #nightowl #nosleep #cantsleep #toomuchwork #dorklife #dork #nerdlife #nerdlove #strangerthings #freddiemercury #queen #killerqueen #love #pride #wip #lowbrowart #ghostrealm #ghost

If I’m not just the luckiest person ever then I surely don’t know who is 👻. @alyssamees has been one of my favorite artists for quite some time now; thanks to @mabgraves#mabsdrawlloweenclub this past year I got the chance to personally connect with her, and I don’t think I can explain how much joy that brings me! We all have our “heroes” right? Most of mine just happen to be female artists (not that there are not a few males on that list... I’m lookin at you @behemot_crta_stvari and @brickillustration 🦄😘), but by and large, female humans dominate the list of people who truly inspire me! Through this community that I am somehow lucky enough to be a small part of, I have made connections with people I never thought would ever stumble across little old me, and that has led to me being able to do some really rad things, and collect some amazing art work! Original art work is important, and valuable beyond words to myself and my family, and being able to find ways to add to my own collection while also becoming part of someone else’s is just one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! Thank you Alyssa for the beautiful gifts and for sharing your talent and your time with me and all the other people who love your work!!!! You are an absolute inspiration and I am like on cloud nine over here (and super nerding our still 🤓🤪). You rock!
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Today is this little mans Golden Birthday!!!!! I know that it may seem like he might not get as much attention from me as my other two littles do, (if you only get to look at my life through what I share on here) but that’s not the case at all. He is my eldest and I will always have a connection to him that is deeper than I will ever be able to explain (he just happens to not be super in to sitting around taking silly pictures like the other two hams are 🤪). Aiden is special, Aiden is strong, Aiden is kind, and loving; Aiden is my hero. He was born over a month early, just over 4 lbs, he had to spend his first weeks of life in the NICU, he couldn’t breathe fully on his own, his heart would stop randomly, it was one of the most sobering experiences of my entire life... I don’t believe in miracles, or fate, or anything like that, but I do believe in how much events in your life can impact you deep down in the core of who you are. Aiden; you changed my life, you made me a better person just by making me a father, by being my little man and needing me to be there to take care of you. I will always see you as a triumph of the human spirit, you hit the ground running inspite of how much the cards were stacked against you, and you never looked back! You’re brilliant, and I know we clash from time to time, and I know I’m harder on you than anyone else, but know that it is because I want you to be everything you want to be; I want you to be better than I ever could dream of being myself, and I love you enough to push you forward even when you don’t want me to! You’re my favorite little monkey, you make me so proud, and I need to be better about letting you know that every day! Keep on being the fighter you’ve always been, keep striving to grow and learn and you will go everywhere you want to in life! I love you sweet little man 💖. #aidenlyricismyhero #goldenbirthday #homeschoollife #fighter #happybirthday #9 #dadlife
Photo by @roni_rose_photography

For the first time in a really long time my favorite piece I created from last year was a commission piece! I am so appreciative of people who just want me to create for them, to let me loose on one word, or idea; I have to say it is a new experience for me and I am loving it! Thank you all for sticking around to see what I do with 2018, it’s a new year that I hope will be full of new adventures, new challenge, and new friendships 👻🖤🦄🌈😍 •

#2018 #bestof2017 #fridakahlo #frida #ghostrealm #ghost #flowers #flowercrown #favoritepainting #powerfulwomen #equalityforeveryone #equality #feminist #rolemodel #inspirationalwoman #inspirational

Making a piece for an internet/art friend can be so stressful, but in a good way of course! You always want to give 110% in every piece that you create, but there is just that extra bit of butterflies in the tummy effect when the intended recipient is someone who also creates things that you admire. That’s exactly what this piece was for me, I’ve spent days and days going back and forth on this piece; a tweak here, a new bit there, the end never seemed like it would come, and even finished it just doesn’t feel good enough! But that’s not a discouraging feeling to me anymore, it’s more of a feeling that I can keep striving, growing, and learning. We need to savor these moments and the friends we make that keep pushing us forward, even if they themselves do not realize that they are that inspirational 👻😊💖. @alyssamees these little Ghost Realmers are for you darling, and they can’t wait to float on home with you 🙈😍👻
#ghostrealm #ghost #sunshine #art #artist #cat #tabbycat #flowers #catandmouse #theearlybirdcatchestheworm #bluebird #sparrow #popart #feathers #birds #artistsoninstagram

The year is almost over. I have a list of things to thank you all for that is miles long, but I will sum it up by thanking you all for being in my corner, giving me the best support anyone like me could ever ask for, and for taking the time to take a glimpse at my life and the things I’ve created! You are all so important to me, and I just cannot believe how lucky I feel to have so many people here for me! #countingmyselfdamnlucky #thankyou #luckyme #bestnine2017 #bestnine #love #drawlloween #mabsdrawingclub #mabsdrawlloweenclub2017 #ariaisaboss #ghosts #ghostrealm #grimreaper #ghostbusters #vampire

When they are this young your children think you (their parents) are the smartest humans on the planet. That’s good, cause it means that Aria believes me when I tell her she’s the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world, one day the pressures of the outside world might lead her to a place where she forgets how much I mean that, and how right I truly am. If your children believe everything you say then take advantage of that! Aria; you are smart, kind, caring, creative, wonderful, full of glowing personality, funny, and beautiful. That’s just an example of how you could be building your children up 👻💖🦄. 📷: @roni_rose_photography
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