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Alyssa Caldwell  It’s ya girl SHULYSSA ALAGN 18 •D&C 78:18-19• “You look like a midget bird with Parkinson’s disease” -Andre Leon Makeup account Makeup_by_lyss32

Cute lil throwback with these guys ❤️💯

I feel this so much today. But I know God will help me get through whatever In time and that the people who are there for me are meant to stay in it ❤️ I’m such a strong believer in him and our savior go with him with love and an open heart

Seatbelts kids 😌🚗


I love making fun of myself

Ya I had to make a separate post because these wonderful ladies can’t be excluded ❤️❤️❤️ I love you guys thank you for always accepting me and being like moms to me you’re all so special ❤️sorry I had to steal pics of you ❤️💕

Ok so I’m really missing my graduates rn 😭❤️ I love all of you so much and know you’ll all do great things thanks for making my life a lot better ❤️ all the laughs and deep talks will be missed but I hope you all don’t ever forget you’re little Alyssa who loves you so much!!!

Idk why I just liked this pic (I’m wearing a shirt I promise)

*smells food*
My brother said I looked like a “floosy” in this pic 😂😂😂😂


This is too precious not to post! This is my little ginger cousin Jacob❤️❤️❤️ he’s the only kid I’ll ever be able to put up with and I love him with all my heart 💕 it’s a miracle he smiled for the camera

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