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Jaimee Ulmer  Mixed media artist. Writer-poetess. Weirdo. Boy Mom x3...tattoo collector, moon lover, potty mouth. Woman reinvented, making the chaos countπŸ”₯❀✨

Got a little sidetracked on another big project, so now I'm trying to squeeze in April pages before the end of the month. #havenwood365v1 #yearofcreativehabits

#thursday3 w/@rukristin (a day late)... 1) I've been in Super Hustle Mode researching and ordering and checking on, and planning and organizing and scheduling, and exchanging and returning and reordering, and squaring away allthethings for a travel/destination event in T minus 26 days. My head is a tad spinny, but it's all coming together BEAUTIFULLY, so booyah πŸ™Œ. 2) Our Lunabug pup is having a home visit with a dog behavioralist tomorrow. Because she's Special (and a sweet thing) and we want to keep her if we can... and if there's any family who can have a dog in therapy and just roll with it - hello, it's this one πŸ–. She fits right in here πŸ˜πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‚, but girl can't snip at anyone else and needs to do her biz outside, ya dig? 3) I had to take the week off running and it bummed me out so bad and that is weird (for me). A week ago, on the eve of my birthday, I had my best run ever, beating my personal record by almost an entire minute... then the next day, woke up and my newly-41yr old body was like "yeah right. sucka!" I spent most of the week resting and wrapping my knee and limping everywhere. I'm kinda nervous how it will respond to me hitting the treadmill again πŸ‘΅πŸ˜’.

Thursday words, via repost by @victoriaericksonwriter... Because right now it's heart eyes for days. All the things. Super-Love-Style 😍... and that tells me that I made it through the effing gauntlet of healing, and that no matter what shit life slings at you, you aren't cursed to be cynical and bitter. You can choose to be a dreamer, a believer, a lovey-dovey, starry-eyed hopeful. You can do that.

Formal attire in mini version is the bestest best best 😍

Every lady in my project is either looking away from the viewer, and/or has her eyes covered with washi tape or a strip of book/magazine text... till page 94 that is. πŸ‘€ #havenwood365v1 #yearofcreativehabits

Tuesday words, via @thegirlfriendmanifesto... because YES, but let's clarify - this isn't an obstinate and willful kind of stubborn. You need to be able to bend as life comes at you. You must be shaken up sometimes in order to grow forward. I'm talking the kind of stubborn that's a relentless steadfastness to be yourSelf and honor YOUR truth - fellow stubborn/resilient+loyal Taurus babes 🀘🌹❀✨

Rainy day studio catch-up... these colors are all up in my mind 😍. #havenwood365v1

#thursday3 w/@rukristin... 1) it's my last day being 40, so I'm thinking of the past year, and How.Much. I kicked ass. I'm heading into 41 being the strongest, healthiest, most confident, most open, most creative+curious, most in-love-with-where-I-am-in-life-rightTHISmoment that I've ever been. It took work y'all. It was a wild f*cking nauseating ride, but here I am on the other side πŸ™Œ 2) I set a new personal record on my run today, which kinda blew my mind - 17min32sec for a nonstop 1.5 miles. I think I will stretch my overall distance to 2 miles soon. Still doing weights after and it's awesome to start to see changes πŸ’ͺ. 3) I'm SO excited and blissed out about something we're working on that I can't sleep at night. I literally just lay there smiling in the dark, for hours ❀

Birthday eve words, from @tanyamarkul ❀... because alllll this. ALL of it. #beyou

Finding the mojo again 🎨 #yearofcreativehabits #havenwood365v1

My Little Man used two of his own dollar coins to buy this huge painting off the neighbor's junk pile, and gave it to me as a birthday present ❀... it's now hanging in my studio, because - color and texture and van gogh vibes 😍

Monday words, via @mantramagazine ... because forward, baby. Turn the page, turn the page, turn the page... and when you see that blank space - BREATHE, open up to beautiful possibility, and be ready to flow.

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